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Paaru: Will Paaru Find A Way To Remove The Bangles From Her Hand?


August 28, 2020

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Check out what Adi says to hurt Paaru about the ancestral bangles in her hands

In the previous week of Paaru, Janani puts the ancestral bangles that are meant for the future daughter-in-law on Paaru. Akhila notices this and is taken by surprise. She immediately stops Janani and asks her why she put the bangles on Paaru’s hands as those are her ancestral jewellery.

As we all know, Janani makes Paaru wear the ancestral bangles after which she is shouted at by Daamini. Daamini tells her that she always had her eyes on the jewellery at home which is why she wore it in the first place. In the most recent episode, we see that Anushka and Daamini purposely have a conversation in front of Akhila talking about how Parvathi does not want to give the jewels. However, Parvathi comes and tells Akhila that she wants to get the jewels removed to which Akhila says that there is no need to go through extra pain and get it removed. Paaru also tells her that she is not feeling good from within ever since she has worn them and needs to remove them so that no one questions her about the same.

Anushka and Daamini

The next day, we see that Adi is tense with some work in the office due to which he is not in a good mood. When Parvathi tries to make him drink salted coffee, Adi gets even angrier and brings up the fact that she has never been treated like a house help as a result of which she should at least do her job properly. He also says that the reason they let her keep the bangles are because of the trust they have in her. Paaru, heartbroken with the same, decides to go home and playfully tells her brother to remove the bangles only after which will she believe that he is strong.

Will Gani be able to remove the bangles and prove to everyone that she never wanted the bangles?

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