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Why Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s Pappu Is A Misogynist Who Needs To Be Taught A Lesson!

Aditi Sharma

February 24, 2021

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Pappu has always been a troublemaker in Mahi’s life. He thinks that Mahi has a bad attitude and girls like her need to be taught a lesson. We think Pappu from Teri Meri Ikk Jindri is a perfect example of misogynist men.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri is a love story of Mahi and Jogi. It narrates the story of how the duo is completely opposite to each other and eventually they fall in love overcoming all the hurdles and stark differences. However, as we all know, there is always trouble in paradise and a villain who wants to ruin all good things. In Mahi and Jogi’s story, it is Pappu – Shalu’s (Mahi’s sister) husband.

Pappu has always been a troublemaker in Mahi’s life. He thinks that Mahi has a bad attitude and girls like her need to be taught a lesson. He has a very orthodox mindset and he is always trying to bring Mahi down as he thinks girls need to stay at home and he should be the one controlling her.

When the show started, Pappu sent some goons to Jogi’s house and later apologized to his family. He then sent some of his men to follow Mahi as she was driving a taxi with Rupa and Biji. When she comes home, Pappu convinces Shalu that Mahi is being friendly with Jogi’s family who insulted her husband. Shalu furiously confronts Mahi and slaps her.

Source: ZEE5


Source: ZEE5

Even before, Pappu has always tried to convinced Mahi’s family that she shouldn’t drive a taxi as this would harm their family’s pride. He also tried to tell Mahi that she should stay home and in control however, Mahi had a savage reply to his chauvinist mindset.

During Mahi’s best friend Priya’s wedding, Pappu asked Priya’s ex-boyfriend to blackmail Mahi and ask for money as this would ruin her wedding. Pappu wanted Mahi to plead him for money and bow down to him. However, Mahi did keep her pride and Pappu’s plan got backfired…. again!

In the recent episodes, Mahi is about to get married to CM’s son and Pappu is jealous that she will be married to a rich man and he would not be the one who is respected more in her family. He wants to be the most important person in their family and is determined to go to any lengths to make it possible. He even ruins her Roka ceremony.

He creates chaos in the ceremony and uses Jogi for the same. Basically, Pappu is a selfish person who can never see anyone else happy and wants everything to revolve around him.

Source: ZEE5


Source: ZEE5


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri
Source: ZEE5

He prefers staying in his world where women don’t have a right to say anything and should ideally stay indoors and look after the family. Mahi, being the fiercely independent lady that she is, often criticises his thinking and this results in them locking horns with each other. With Pappu now ruining her Roka ceremony, will Mahi give a befitting reply to him? Watch Teri Meri Ikk Jindri on ZEE5 to find out.

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