Vishu 2021: Siju Wilson’s Innumuthal could be the perfect movie to binge on this Vishu

With relatable problems, a lovable protagonist and godly intervention, Innumuthal has everything to make it the perfect watch for this Vishu.

Great food, crackers, and games are a great way to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Vishu. In case you’re planning a great family time indoors, what better way to do that than enjoying a good movie with them? Binging a good movie after enjoying the grand Vishu feast sounds like a plan, and Innumuthal is just the movie for you. Watching a movie that features Lord Krishna himself just feels right for the spiritual mood of Vishu.

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Innumuthal featuring Siju Wilson in the lead revolves around the life of Abhinandan, a troubled youth who is struggling to make ends meet. From the beginning, we see him run around aimlessly with almost no motivation to live. The only positivity in his life is his belief in Lord Krishna and his constant prayers, which we learn about within the first few minutes of the movie. However, the story escalates quickly as Lord Krishna decides to come down to earth and meet Abhinandan.

A still from Innu Muthal (Source: ZEE5)

Taxi driver by profession, Abhinandan is a fraudster in the most innocent form. His lies help him survive and his cunningness is put to use to cheat people. Fed up by his constant nagging about money woes and lies, Lord Krishna decides to walk into his life and change it with a few actions. The movie, written and directed by Rejishh Midhila, catapults from this point. How this godly intervention changes the protagonist’s life makes the rest of the movie.

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A still from Innumuthal (Source: ZEE5)

Lord Krishna in Innumuthal is not your regular god and thus, is a joy to watch. He is funny, adamant, and moreover, speaks with Kochi slang, making him relatable too. Just like most of our lives, the protagonist is faced with many problems one after the other. However, a certain degree of self-realisation helps him get through his day, making us wonder if we could change too. While the light-hearted fantasy nature of the film makes it the perfect fit for the festive occasion, a funny take on Lord Krishna makes it even better. Be it alone, with friends, or in the company of your family, Innumuthal is the best movie you can binge on this Vishu.

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