Vijay The Master Review: A Perfect Action-Packed Entertainer For Every Thrill-Seeker

Master, the Tamil action thriller got its Hindi dub version on ZEE5. Read here to know our review of the film, which stars Thalapathy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, and Malavika Mohanan.

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March 15, 2021





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Master, the latest Tamil action thriller film, starring Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi, recently got its Hindi dub version on ZEE5. Packed with energizing action and an impactful story, Master makes for an entertaining watch. If Vijay locking horns with Vijay wasn’t a reason good enough for y’all, read our review of Master to know why you should invest your time in watching it.

Master begins with the story of a teenager, Bhavani (Mahendran), whose parents were killed by three criminals. Seeing Bhavani as a potential threat, the criminals put false charges on him and sent him to a juvenile detention home. In the facility, Bhavani is subjected to harsh and torturous behaviour. This results in him becoming a ruthless and domineering person. Right from his days in the detention facility, he shows showing signs of becoming a gangster, a dreadful one that too.

After being released from the detention home, Bhavani grows up (now, Vijay Sethupathi), to become a feared criminal who wants to rule the truck and transport business. He also gets his revenge from the people who had killed his parents and sent him to the juvenile home.

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On the other hand, in a college in Chennai, a college professor named JD (Thalapathy Vijay), is shown to be a popular figure among his students. He stands up for what is right and is not afraid to do so. He is a personality development teacher, who also suffers from alcoholism. However, he has a very student-friendly approach and thus, is loved by all his students, but also hated by the other teachers for his irresponsible behaviour.

JD believes that students should learn the way of the world while they are still students and thus, rules in favour of organizing a college election, while all other teachers are against it. JD believes that if students come to know how an election works while being in the college itself, they will be able to select their leaders better. However, this election causes big chaos in the college, as some goons enter it and start attacking everyone. JD fights the goons, and because of the chaos that was created, is asked to take a break from the college.

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While he was teaching, a new counsellor and lecturer appointed in the college, Charu (Malavika Mohanan), sympathizes with JD and his ways of dealing with the students. After he leaves, the founder of the college (Nassar), says that he is being sent to a juvenile detention facility as a teacher and reformer, with his own consent. JD is surprised as he does not remember signing any consent form. But, he accepts his role and sets out on a new journey. 

Meanwhile, Bhavani has become a hardened criminal. He uses the children of the detention centre to commit his own crimes. For any murder he commits, he puts forth a child from the detention centre to take the blame for it, thus, being free of any arrests himself. In return, he supplies drugs and alcohol to the kids in the juvenile centre, which also brainwashes them into sticking up for Bhavani’s crimes.

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When JD arrives at the detention home, the kids have made a decision to trouble him into leaving. But JD assures them that he will not teach them anything and that they could spend their time having fun, while he would mind his own business. This makes those kids bond with him.

Soon, the plot proceeds towards a bigger conflict in JD’s life. Two kids from the detention centre are trying to get JD’s help to save them from Bhavani. However, this call for help goes unnoticed for JD because of his alcoholism. When Bhavani finds out what the kids did, he kills all of them. This brings forth the biggest transformation in JD’s life, as he quits drinking alcohol and becomes serious about reforming the students. He also makes it his aim to find Bhavani and get his revenge for killing the kids.

Thalapathy Vijay has portrayed the role of JD excellently. His stance as the cool teacher and as a deadly fighter is absolutely amazing. He has also displayed great emotions in his moment of character development. All his action sequences along with his funny moments are truly a treat to watch. The Hindi dubbing for the character of JD is done by Sanket Mhatre, who is one of the best and the most loved dubbing artists of the Hindi entertainment industry, and once again, he has done a fantastic job.

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Next, Vijay Sethupathi as Bhavani is truly brilliant. He appears as a completely terrifying villain, who stays extremely cool while carrying out the most gruesome murders. Vijay Sethupathi has perfectly portrayed the role and delivered a great performance, keeping his demeanour intact as the ruthless gangster. The Hindi dubbing for his character is done by Mayur Vyas, who is known for dubbing Rajnikanth’s characters in Hindi and needless to say, he has aced this one as well.

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Malavika Mohanan has also given a good performance as Charu, delivering perfect expressions. Another noteworthy performance is of Arjun Das, who plays the role of Das in Master, one of the closest aides of Bhavani, who stays in the detention home. Arjun too, has a great screen presence, as he appears as an angry young man on the screen.

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Master’s Hindi dub retains its true feel and plot, staying true to its script and not making any unnecessary jokes at inappropriate places. Besides the dialogues, the mood of the characters and their personalities are also kept intact, making it a perfect dub for the film. 

Lokesh Kanagaraj, the director, has done a stupendous job in directing the film. All the moments of the film do not fail to keep us engaged while also delivering its story and the message that JD’s character wants to convey. The action sequences are also choreographed very well and are fun to watch.

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The background music of Master is perfectly designed to fit the atmosphere of the film and add to its thrill. It keeps the feel of the film intact the whole time. The editing of the film is also great, and perfectly shows the transitioning of moods and characters. Overall, the film is a perfect entertainer with a good story. While Master was always a massy entertainer, its dubbing in Hindi has retained all its quintessential flavours. With some whistle-worthy dialogues in place, this one is a treat to watch and should find a place in your list of favourite South movies. 

You can now watch Master (Hindi dub) on ZEE5.

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