Vijay The Master: 7 ‘Seeti Maar’ Dialogues By Thalapathy Vijay That Are Strong And Impactful

From politics to revenge, take a look at seven best dialogues by Thalapathy Vijay that are massy and entertaining in itself.

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March 16, 2021



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The latest Tamil action thriller, Master, starring Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi, recently got its Hindi dubbed version released on ZEE5, named ‘Vijay The Master’. With some energizing action sequences and a great story, the film proves to be a complete entertainer. Thalapathy Vijay plays the lead role of JD in Master, who is a college professor, tasked with reforming juvenile inmates. Throughout the film, his strong and impactful dialogues keep our interests invested in his character. Take a look at seven of the best dialogues of Thalapathy Vijay in Master.


1. “We are hearing but not listening”

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This first dialogue of his comes when his character, JD, is being introduced to us. JD is a professor of personality development who has the best lessons for his students. In one of his lessons, he says this while explaining the difference between hearing and listening: “We are hearing but not listening. Students don’t listen to their teachers, teachers don’t listen to their students, children don’t listen to their parents, parents don’t listen to their children, and the government doesn’t listen to its people.”


2. “Politics ek service hai”

JD says these lines when he is vouching for the student elections to be held in the college. While speaking in the favour of elections to the other professors, he explains why it is necessary to teach the students what politics and elections are and why they are important. He says, “Politics ek service hai yeh unhe samajh aana chahiye. College mein padthe hua agar elections ya leadership ke baare mein samjhenge toh kal ko state elections, central elections ke baare mein awareness create hoga. College mein padhne waale yuva hi hote hain first time voters. Unhe sahi raasta dikhayenge toh hi agli peedhi mein humein achha leader milega. Ek achha leader banne ki ya chunne ki samajh unme aayegi.


3. “Vote lene ki reet”

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He also continues this discussion and further explains why the students need to be educated about politics and elections. He references the immoral techniques of gaining votes, and says, “Agar hum yeh quarter aur chicken biryaani dekar vote lene ki reet badalna chahte hain toh politics kya hai yeh students ko jaanna hi hoga.


4. “Tum kya karna chaahti ho yeh bataakar vote lo”

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When one of his students stands in the elections as a candidate for chairperson of the student committee, she asks him for help. He says that she needs to give a good speech, as all good leaders are good orators. He tells her, “Tumhe bhi datkar bolna hoga. Dusron ki kamiyaan ginaa kar vote lene ke bajaay tum kya karna chaahti ho yeh bataakar vote lo.

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5. “Aage chalkar hamaari aadatein badlengi”

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When the candidate divides all the students of the college into 10 categories, and one column is for religion or caste, JD says: “Iski zarurat nahi hai ise yahaan se hi kaatenge toh aage chalkar hamaari aadatein badlengi.


6. “Tujhe dhundte hue tere saamne aakar khada ho jaaunga”

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After JD encounters the murder of two children in the juvenile detention home, he is completely shaken. He finds out that someone called Bhavani  (Vijay Sethupathi) is behind those murders, and after he beats up Bhavani’s goons sent to kill him, he says this to him on a phone call, “Tu kaun hai, iske pichhe kaun hai, tu kya karta hai, inn bachchon ka istemaal kyu karta hai, main nahi jaanta. Par pata laga lunga. Tujhe dhundte hue tere saamne aakar khada ho jaaunga, aur unn dono bachchon ki maut ka badla lunga.


7. “Meri kahaani alag hai”

When JD is on a mission to find Bhavani and also free the juveniles from his influence, he asks for help from all possible sources. He approaches the detention centre’s warden and says this to him, “Isse pehle, inn logon ko badalne ki koshish karne wala, ho sakta hai apne parivar ki jaan ke darr se yahaan se bhaag gaya ho. Lekin meri kahaani alag hai. Agar aapne meri help ki, toh main iss jagah ko badal kar rakh dunga. Iss mein meri jaan bhi chali jaaye toh fiqar nahi.

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