Tujhse Hai Raabta: Here’s Why We Think Kalyani And Sampada’s Alliance Will Get Exposed Before They Find Out The Truth!

Here’s why Kalyani and Sampada need to fast-track their plans before their own truth gets exposed.

Shrudi Shyam

March 22, 2021



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Lately, we all had witnessed Tujhse Hai Raabta take a spooky turn after Sampada’s death. Apparently, Sampada’s spirit had possessed Kalyani’s body in order to seek revenge from the latter and her family. A possessed Kalyani was also seen supporting Atharva in his devious plans. Although, in an exciting turn of events, it was recently revealed that Sampada is still alive! In fact, all of this was Kalyani and Sampada’s plan to stay one step ahead of Atharva.

Check out what’s happening on Tujhse Hai Raabta:

In the recent episodes, we got a short run-through of all the events that led up to this moment. Kalyani and Sampada truly proved their love towards Moksh but teaming up in order to save him from the evil-minded Atharva. We also saw how these determined women convinced the Pandit as well as inspector Pawar to help them in this mission. Despite a seemingly foolproof plan, we fear that their alliance might get exposed soon. Here’s why:

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Although both the ladies have been acting cautiously so far, they’re risking their plan of getting exposed by letting this act go on for long. On one hand, Atharva is losing his trust in ‘Sampada’s ghost’, because of how flaky she acts. The fact that she didn’t follow through with killing Malhar as suggested by Atharva could also be one of the reasons for his distrust.

On the other hand, both, Kalyani and Sampada are getting restless trying to find who is Atharva’s ally in the house. Lately, we saw an impatient Sampada take a big risk by getting into Malhar’s house to try and find the culprit. Although she might’ve stumbled across a major clue by spotting Sarthak’s injured hand, she was seen by Godavari who presumes she’s a ghost. Was the visit really worth the risk?

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Hasty Mistakes

People tend to make mistakes when doing anything hastily. The same can be seen in Kalyani and Sampada’s future. While Sampada enters the house without thinking of the consequences, Kalyani will quickly have to come up with a plan to save her. This could lead to the latter making some silly mistake. And this mistake in turn can cost them their whole plan.

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Malhar’s Sharp Mind

Malhar is a very sharp police officer. On multiple occasions, we’ve witnessed Malhar win over the villains due to his quick thinking. And if he gets suspicious of Kalyani’s behaviour, he won’t keep calm unless he reaches the bottom of the matter. One small misstep from Kalyani or Sampada’s end and he would resort to using all his might to uncover the truth behind their actions.

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Although there is a high chance of Kalyani and Sampada’s plan coming to light, their alliance with the Pandit and inspector Pawar might just come in handy in certain situations. Hence, they will have to uncover the truth at the earliest before their own plan is exposed.

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