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Trinayini: Nayini and Vishal’s relationship is setting the bar high for other love stories, here’s how

Bhavna Gandikota

January 8, 2021

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Nayini and Vishal’s love story takes unusual turns every time, making it one of the greatest love stories indisputably.

Nayini is definitely one of the most benevolent characters from the universe of Trinayini. At the cost of berating her reputation, she protects the people around her and this extends, more often to Vishal. While Vishal is about to get married to Jasmine, we know that he immensely loves Nayini but cannot beat the circumstances that they are in.

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Although Vishal resented Nayini at first for her abilities and hated her while being married to her, he eventually fell for her. Nayini often goes to extreme lengths for Vishal. She agreed to marry him even when he hated her and now that he genuinely loves her, she doesn’t try to stop him from getting married to Jasmine.

We see Vishal crying in front of his mother’s photo wishing that Nayini would say to him that she wants to live with him so he can stop his wedding with Jasmine. From hate and rage to pure love, Vishal has seen it all towards Nayini while she had nothing but love for him from the very beginning.

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The happiness in Vishal’s eyes when he saw the plant they grew get revived to life cannot be described in words. The adversities that the duo has faced make their love story arguably better than all other ones and we would love to see a time when they are happy together.

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