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The Married Woman Cast Pens Down Emotional Postcards To Society Defining Their Characters

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March 8, 2021

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Love, relationships, and bonding are defined in these interesting character essays of Aijaz, Astha, and Peeplika in The Married Woman.

Over the last few years, fiction has evolved completely and for good. While big screens are centred upon realistic dramas, OTT has become the hub of character-driven stories. And one constant change has been the development of female characters in movies and shows.  These on-screen personas feel genuinely real and are inspiring everyone. Similarly, ZEE5’s newly released The Married Woman is impressing the masses with its rich and nuanced storyline.

While the norm-breaking storyline is getting hailed widely, the characters too have become the favourite of the fans. The story of The Married Woman is layered beautifully and each character has got their parts right and is detail-oriented. And if you are still vibing over these characters, we have got you another interesting anecdote narrated by none other than the cast of The Married Woman.

Actors Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, and Imaad Shah have shared some interesting character postcards as they expressed their thoughts to society.

Take a look:

Peeplika’s Norm-Breaking Love

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Astha and Peeplika’s story is at the heart of The Married Woman. In the postcard, Peeplika defines her love and bonding with Astha as that of two peas in a pod. The power of their relationship is so strong that it makes them break all the stereotypical barriers of society. The words are penned down perfectly highlighting the bond and love between these two lead characters.

Astha And Her Journey Of Self-Discovery

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Astha’s life story is in the spotlight of the show. Through this postcard, Astha cites the change she witnessed within herself after meeting Peeplika. Her perspective towards everything changed as she embarked on the journey of self-discovery. And Peelika became her guiding light and hence their relationship is undefinable.

Aijaz Questioning Love

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Played by Imaad Shah, Aijaz is a vital character of The Married Woman. Be it as an inspiring colleague to Astha or a doting husband to Peelika, Aijaz’s persona is strong and admirable. Through this postcard, Aijaz writes about his relationship with Peeplika as he compares it with the blend of the “paints on a canvas”.

So, those were some interesting character essays as it defines the life story of each and every character of the show.

The Married Woman is now streaming on ZEE5.

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