Teachers’ Day Special: The Art Room, Science With Brain Café – Shows On ZEE5 Your Kids Can Learn From

Learning is fun when you have the right teachers and with these shows on ZEE5 Kids, your child would get to experience just that!

Kedar Koli

September 4, 2020


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Teachers’ Day is just around the corner! They say, learning is fun when you have the right teachers and with ZEE5 Kids your child would get to experience just that! The platform is home to a number of shows that can train your child in life skills and help them become Aatmanirbhar in the true sense. ZEE5 Kids is the perfect mix of learning and fun which leaves you with no worries about your child’s skill-building needs. So let’s get going with the list of shows on ZEE5 that will contribute to child development from starting with Science With Brain Café.

Watch an episode of Science With Brain Café full of interesting experiments here.

1. Science With Brain Café

Source: ZEE5

Science with Brain Café is a show on ZEE5 that gives your child a chance to try experiential learning. It’s indeed fun to understand the concepts of science and the theoretical aspects of it when you have interesting experiments handy. Your child would absolutely love watching this interactive session which is paired with science. Oh, and did we mention that the show is hosted by Rakesh Bedi who just doubles the fun while learning!

2. The Art Room

Source: ZEE5

If you sense that your child is a budding artist, The Art Room is the perfect option to go for! With this show, your child will learn the very basics of art and craft with the help of DIY projects. The show would surely inspire them to explore their creative side and channel the inner artist hiding within. After all, who doesn’t like splashing colours on canvas without any guilt?

3. Engineer This!

Engineer This on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Another DIY series that is based on learning easy ways to fix things using simple objects available at home. With Engineer This!, there’s no reason for your child to get bored even if he’s being forced to stay at home due to the lockdown.

4. Teenovation 

Source: ZEE5

Teenovation is a show that provides teen innovators with a platform to present their talent before the world. Let your child’s ideas and innovations flow by watching this show that would provide them with much-needed inspiration to invent things by looking at the innovators of their generation.

5. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs

It would be criminal if we don’t include Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs in this list. It’s a singing reality show where your child could train his vocal cords thanks to the expert tips from experienced judges. Who knows your child might end up becoming the next singing superstar by watching the show!

We bet your child wouldn’t get enough of these fun learning shows and ask for more! Check out ZEE5 Kids, if you’re looking for more such interesting shows.


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