Teachers’ Day Special: 8 Great Teachers Of India That Your Kids Probably Didn’t Know About

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, let’s look at the noble visionaries who are known for their immense contribution in the field of education.

Kedar Koli

September 3, 2020


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Teachers’ Day is a special day observed in the honour of our great teachers and teaching which is considered to be one of the noblest professions. Considering the advent of technology, teaching has evolved a lot over the years. Changing times calls for a change in the conventional methods of teaching and that’s where ZEE5 Kids comes into the picture! The platform is home to exciting shows, films, and other binge-worthy content that make learning an enriching experience altogether for your kids. There are numerous DIY series like The Art Room and Engineer This! that feature skill development exercises training your child to become an absolute genius. So this Teachers’ Day, gift your child exclusive access to ZEE5 Kids and let the learning begin!

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When one speaks of the process of learning, we’re instantly reminded of some of the most incredible teachers that India had the fortune to see. Let’s look at the eight great teachers of India who gave a whole new meaning to learning.

1. Chanakya

India has been home to iconic Gurus right from the very beginning of its existence and Chanakya was one of them. He was a learned scholar who served as a political advisor to the king Chandragupta Maurya in ancient India. His famous book Chanakya Neeti, which was essentially a compilation of his experiential learning and wisdom, is still considered to be one of the greatest works known to mankind. He is also credited with writing Arthashastra, a Sanskrit treatise on economics, politics, and statesmanship, which was extremely influential across Asia with its political ideology.

2. Swami Vivekananda

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The proponent of the Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Vivekananda was also a man of unmatchable intellect like Chanakya. Vivekananda wanted to apply practicality in daily life and addressed the same in his teachings. He always urged every individual to find their true potential and aim for excellence in life. He also spoke unabashedly about various social evils that were prevalent during those times in India.

3. Rabindranath Tagore

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Rabindranath Tagore is yet another noted personality who is known for his excellence in teaching. He reinvented the concept of gurukul and took education beyond the confined walls of the classroom. Tagore encouraged his students to gain knowledge by connecting with nature. His abode of learning was called Shantiniketan, where a unique curriculum of arts and music combined with typical school subjects was taught, and close contact with nature was encouraged.

4. Savitribai Phule

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Savitribai Phule also deserves to go on this list of great Indian teachers. Phule was responsible for propagating female education which was looked down upon in those days. She voiced her opinions fearlessly against the atrocities faced by women and worked for their upliftment. Even though the orthodox section of the society pelted stones and cow dung at her, she continued with her tireless efforts to promote female education. She eventually became the first female teacher of India’s first women’s school.

5. Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Did you know that Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on September 5 in the honour of former Vice President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan? This eminent personality believed in using education in transforming the country and professed his ideologies throughout his political career. Certainly, this is one teacher who deserves applause from us today!

6. A P J Abdul Kalam

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Considered as the ‘Missile Man’ of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is regarded as a modern-day visionary. He preached the importance of education in shaping a man’s personality. Despite being actively involved in politics and science, Kalam remained dedicated to the practice of teaching until his very last breath and died on stage while addressing students. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this absolute genius!

7. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Bal Gangadhar Tilak, better known to us as Lokmanya Tilak, was a staunch freedom fighter in the Indian Independence Movement. Apart from his political achievements, not many are aware that Tilak started a school to improve the quality of education in India. He was responsible for creating an educational system which professed nationalist ideas with special focus on Indian values, culture, and traditions.

8. Mahatma Gandhi

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Born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, took the entire world by storm with his practice of Satya and Ahimsa. He became a national hero and got recognised as Bapu for his immense contribution in India’s struggle for Independence. There were generations after Gandhi who got inspired by his moral values, his philosophy and teachings about life. Your kids can learn more about the father of our nation with Bapu, a cartoon based show exclusively on ZEE5 Kids. This educational show is about an elderly man whose character is inspired by Gandhi, who lives in a contemporary neighbourhood of Bharat Nagar. Accompanied by his three monkeys, Bapu relieves the town of all the adversities with his angelic presence.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we bow down before these noble visionaries for their immense contribution in the field of education!

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