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Taish: Why Bejoy Nambiar’s Dual Format Of Storytelling Is A Successful Experiment

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December 29, 2020

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Bejoy Nambiar’s experiment with Taish stands out as a promising one as it provides the viewer with their choice over the command of storytelling.

Taish presents Bejoy Nambiar so efficiently and brilliantly involved in his command of storytelling that he makes us recall his previous works including Shaitan, David, and Solo. Taish is undoubtedly a larger than life version of all these films. Rage is the primary theme that drives the story but as we proceed further, Nambiar has a lot more to offer. To allot the characters and their unpredictable nature is Nambiar’s zone and that’s the way he intensifies the story.

The storyline of Taish unfolds through six episodes and each of them is an intriguing segment. However, it was also released as a feature film with a few cuts yet the essence of the story remains strong. It can well be called an experiment that pays off with intense storytelling, captivating visuals, perfect background score, and apt performances. The experiment stands out as a promising one as it provides the viewer with their choice over the command of storytelling.

Point-To-Point Execution (Feature Film)

A still from Taish
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The 2.5-hour feature film was released a while after the series was aired. This gave Nambiar another option to leave his story’s impression on the minds of the viewers. Taish as an episodic saga dealt with a lot of past stories and some personal moments of vital characters including Rohan Kalra (Jim Sarbh) and Pali Brar (Harshvardhan Rane). This portrayal of characters was necessary considering the non-linear way of storytelling.

However, Taish as a feature film executes as a linear story without any complexities. For some viewers, the feature film version worked out more as they were interested in a point-to-point execution of the story. The film avoids flashbacks and hence the establishing shots or sequences we see in the series go missing in this version.

An Intense Portrait (Episodic Saga)

A still from Taish
Source: Zee5

Divided into six episodes, Taish as a 3-hour series is a well-detailed and well-structured story of revenge. Nambiar’s style of executing a story stands out in this version as we are provided with the minutest detail here. By drawing us into flashbacks, we see the characters grow with each passing frame. Comparing the episodic saga with the film’s version, there are not many deleted scenes as time is compromised by trimming long and establishing shots.

Overall, this experiment dealing with the attention span of the viewers turned out to be successful for this Nambiar project as it ultimately raises the standards of quality content and its availability on OTT platforms.

Taish is streaming on Zee5.


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