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Silence: Can You Solve These 10 Murder Mystery Riddles?

Vatsal Thakore

April 6, 2021

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Like the murder mystery in Silence, take a look at these 10 interesting murder mystery riddles and try to solve them.

Silence… Can You Hear It, is the latest murder mystery film on ZEE5. It is written and directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans, and stars Manoj Bajpayee, Prachi Desai, Arjun Mathur, Vaquar, and Sahil Vaid in prominent roles. The film revolves around a high profile murder case and is sure to awaken the detective in you and you will find yourself trying to find out who the main culprit is. If you like being a detective and solving cases, take a look at 10 of the most riveting murder mystery riddles, and see if you can solve them! Find the answers at the bottom of the page.


1.) A woman shot her husband and later that night they had dinner together. How?

2.) A man was found dead with a tape recorder in one hand and a gun in the other. When ACP Avinash Verma arrived at the crime scene with his team, they played the recorder. It played the dead man’s voice, saying, “I have nothing to live for,” followed by the sound of a gunshot. As soon as the tape stopped playing, ACP Verma immediately knew that it was not a suicide, but a murder. How?


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3.) A woman calls the police and reports that burglars broke into her house through the window and stole her valuables. When Inspector Sanjana Bhatia reaches the crime scene, she sees the signs of burglary – things in the house broken, glass of the windows shattered and its pieces scattered outside the house, and the wardrobe doors smashed. As soon as she sees this, Inspector Sanjana immediately arrests the woman for faking burglary. How did she find out it was her and not burglars from outside?


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4.) A guy calls the police to report the murder of his friend on a snowy day. When Inspector Raj arrives on the scene, the guy tells him, “I visited him after days. And I rang the bell multiple times. When he did not open the door, I looked through the window. First I could not see inside clearly due to the frost on it, but when I wiped it, I saw my friend lying in a pool of blood.” As soon as Inspector Raj heard this, he arrested the guy for killing his friend. How did he know it was he who murdered him?


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5.) A man murders his wife in a secluded place, leaving no trace and no witnesses and returns home. The next day, Inspector Amit calls him and tells him that his wife has been murdered, and instructs him to come to the scene of the crime. As soon as he arrives, Inspector Amit arrests him. How did he know that the husband was the killer?


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6.) Two women visit a restaurant for a meal and both of them begin by ordering iced tea. One of them is too thirsty and drinks five iced teas back-to-back, while the other manages to finish just one. However, the one who drinks just a single iced tea, dies of poisoning, while the other one does not. If the restaurant had poisoned all the iced teas, how did the other one survive?

7.) A serial killer likes to play a game with his victims to kill them. He gives his victims 2 pills to swallow with a glass of water and tells them, “One of the pills will kill you and the other one will not,” leaving his victims to choose the pill. However, whichever pill his victims choose, they end up dying. How?

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8.) A married couple went on a trip to a hill station, but only the wife returned and said that her husband fell to his death in a valley while they were trekking. The police after hearing this begin their basic investigation, and the next day, arrest the wife saying that she murdered her husband. How did they know?


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9.) A scientist was found murdered in his chemistry lab. ACP Verma found out that a day before his death, he had met with his closest friends, Rahul, Suraj, Nalini, and Sushma, in his lab. There was no clue that could help ACP Verma catch the killer, except for some numbers on a blank paper, that the scientist had managed to write – 11, 3, 28. Seeing this, ACP Verma immediately caught the killer – who was the killer and how did ACP Verma know?

10.) A young woman is mysteriously found murdered on a trekking site, with no witnesses or direct evidence. Her corpse was found by a group of trekkers. ACP Avinash Verma visits the crime scene, and along with his team, Inspector Sanjana, Inspector Raj, and Inspector Amit investigate the murder. They find that she had visited her friend Kavita and her husband, Ravi, in their house, a day before she was found murdered. Within a week, ACP Verma and his team find out who the killer was. How?


1.) She shot him with a camera.

2.) If it was a suicide, who turned off the recording?

3.) When a window is broken from the outside, the glass pieces will be scattered on the inside of the house, not outside.

4.) On chilly days, frost forms on the inside of the window, not the outside, so the guy could not have cleared the window to see his friend inside.

5.) Inspector Amit had not disclosed the address of the crime scene yet the husband arrived there.

6.) The poison was in the ice cubes.

7.) The poison is in the water.

8.) They saw that the wife had booked only one return ticket for the trip.

9.) The numbers 11, 3, 28, indicate the elements Sodium, Lithium and Nickel on the periodic table, and their symbols are – Na, Li, Ni, indicating that the killer was Nalini.

10.) Watch Silence… Can You Hear It on ZEE5 to find out the answer!

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