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Silence…Can You Hear It: Manoj Bajpayee’s Best Scenes From The Film

Vatsal Thakore

March 30, 2021

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Here is a list of Manoj Bajpayee’s best moments from his latest mystery thriller film, Silence…Can You Hear It on ZEE5.

Manoj Bajpayee, Prachi Desai, and Arjun Mathur starrer film, Silence…Can You Hear It, recently premiered on ZEE5. The film revolves around the mystery of a young girl’s murder, that has no witnesses or direct evidence. Manoj Bajpayee stars as ACP Avinash Verma in the film, who heads the investigation into the murder. And like always, he steals the show with his acting prowess and his brilliant screen presence. On that note, here’s recalling some of his best moments and scenes from Silence.


ACP Avinash Verma’s Intro

Source: A still from the film

From the very first scene, Manoj Bajpayee owns the screen when he is in it. The introduction scene of ACP Verma shows him going undercover to bust a drug mafia. The moment when he expresses his anger and resentment through sarcasm is entertaining to watch.

The passive-aggressive moment with MLA Ravi Khanna

Source: A still from the film

Arjun Mathur in Silence plays the role of MLA Ravi Khanna, who is a prime suspect in the murder investigation. He is an extremely arrogant person, who does not mind back-answering the cops. And when his high-levelled ego clashes with ACP Avinash Verma’s interrogation and investigation, we get to see ACP Verma’s passive-aggressive tone surfacing. He also warns Ravi Khanna in the calmest voice, which shatters his impudence.

Losing his cool

Source: A still from the trailer

ACP Verma goes through a lot while investigating the murder. He even gets shot. With each one of the moments adding to his frustration, he finally loses his cool when Ravi Khanna disrespects him and his team at the police station. At that moment, seeing Manoj Bajpayee, one would not realise that he is acting. At the moment, he feels extremely honest and the same sincerity is evident in his performance.

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Talking to his mother

Source: A still from the film

ACP Verma is a lonely man, whose wife has divorced him and he is living alone. However, he regularly gets a call from his mother, asking how he is. One of their best telephonic conversations comes when ACP Verma gets shot. Since he was undergoing his treatment, he couldn’t pick her call. The next day, when his mother asks him why he did not pick the call, he simply says, “Goli khaa kar so gaya tha.”

Not just the pun, but the poker face with which Manoj Bajpayee delivers it, makes the moment even funnier.

The last conversation

Source: A still from the film

Near the end, ACP Verma realises who the true killer is, while actually being in a conversation with him/her. He maintains the calm tone of the conversation so as to not alert the killer that he knows the truth. And when he delivers the suspense with the calm demeanour and the smirk, is truly amusing and amazing to watch.

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