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Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Co-star Megha Gupta Does THIS To Astonish Everyone; You Can’t Afford To Miss It – WATCH


December 30, 2021

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Megha Gupta who featured in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan has taken to her social media account to share something that is sure to astonish you. Read on to know more

Many actors rise to popularity with their acting skills. One such actress is Megha Gupta. She has been a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s film named Fan. Right then she became unstoppable and her social media followers are just increasing day by day. Recently, Megha Gupta shocked Internet users by performing an unusual stunt.

You must be wondering what must have the actress done. Let us tell you that she sat in a drum filled with water in such a cold atmosphere. The interesting part about it is that the actress added huge ice cubes in the drum and sat inside it. To our shock, Megha Gupta sat in that ice-laden water for complete 7 minutes.

The actress shared the photos and videos from when she was sitting in the cold water drum. Sharing the video on her Instagram account, Megha Gupta wrote that she was over riding her reflexes. She also added that she was getting sharpened. Adding more to her caption, the actress wrote that she was allowing chaos to find its comfort zone. In the end, Megha Gupta also mentioned that she clocked in about 7 minutes in the session.

In the photos and videos shared by the actress on her social media account, she can be seen wearing a single stripped outfit. Megha tied her hair in a messy bun and opted for dark red coloured lipstick. She also wore round earrings and painted her gorgeous nails with shiny blue coloured nail polish. Megha Gupta sat in the drum filled with water and ice with her joined hands.

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Meanwhile, speaking of her work front, Megha Gupta played the role of Payal in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan, as mentioned earlier. She began her career as a television actress and featured in serials like Kusum, Kavianjali, Kumkum: Ek Pyaar Sa Bandhan, Piya Albela among others.

What are your views about Megha Gupta’s stunt?

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