Sembaruthi: Mr Perumal Is Certainly The Coolest Man On The Show, Do You Agree?

We will all agree that Mr Perumal is certainly the wisest person in Sembarithi but he is also the coolest of the lot.

Bhavna Gandikota

January 5, 2021



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Mr Perumal from Sembaruthi is without any doubts, one of the most interesting characters on the show. While keeping the audience engaged each time he is on screen, Mr Perumal is also the coolest from the show. He understands Parvathi and Adithya like he was from their generation. These are just a few reasons why we think he is the coolest.

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1)  He understands that Adithya and Parvathi need privacy

When Parvathi and Adithya reunite after long, he explains to his wife that the couple needs privacy and that she must not overstay at their place. He understands that they need privacy because they would like to spend some alone time. This has to be enough to prove to everyone that he is indeed the coolest.

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2) He cares about people more than money

He rents his house to Parvathi and Adithya without any hesitation because he knows that money is not everything which tells us that he has a big heart. He doesn’t give money a lot of importance and such people are truly rare to find. He is what we need more of, to set an example for the world.

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3) He is one of the funniest people on the show 

If his qualities of being understanding and selfless weren’t enough, we have also seen him, time and again, cracking jokes with his wife to lighten up the mood. When Janaki Amma asks him if he would lift her, he says that he would rather not come home and this has everyone in splits.

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4) He doesn’t hold grudges against people

When Perumal asks Parvathy to make a medication to cure Akhila’s headache, Akhila feels remorse for her rude behaviour and apologises to Perumal. He instantly forgives her and keeps no grudges against her for her rude behaviour. He is too good to have anything against anyone in his heart.

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5) He instantly understands what other people want

When Adithya asks Janaki to let him take Parvathi to their house by himself, Janaki insists on helping him. Perumal instantly understands that Adithya wants to lift Parvathi in his arms and take her home. The best part is that they did not require any signs to communicate too! This was just too amazing to miss!

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