Sathya 26 August Written Update: Divya chides Ranjith

Divya questions Ranjith for calling a doctor for Sathya’s help. To know what happens next on Sathya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

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August 26, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Sathya’s friends trick Veerasingham. The women humiliate Sathya at the function. Prabhu summons the doctor when Sathya faints, but later the doctor’s words cheer up Sathya and Prabhu.


In this episode of Sathya, Sathya’s cheeks flush with tears as the three doctors present in the hall announce Sathya’s pregnancy. Saumya tells Sathya that her family will soon perform the ‘Valaikaap’ for her.

Ranjith awaits Divya. He checks if he has money in the car in case Divya asks for money. Divya walks towards him fuming and questions him for calling the doctor to help Sathya. Ranjith lies to Sathya that he was only trying to help her because she is Divya’s sister. Divya ignores him and leaves. She boards an autorickshaw. The women who had badmouthed Sathya at the hall stopped the autorickshaw. Divya steps out of the vehicles and questions them. The women demand more money.
Sathya later meets Ranjith, who tells her that Divya is upset with him. Sathya asks Ranjith why he called for a doctor, to which Ranjith replies that she’s talking like Divya. Divya brings the women to Ranjith’s office at the same time. She sees Sathya in his cabin just as she is about to enter Ranjith’s office. Divya phones Ranjith and asks him to step out of the office. Ranjith informs Sathya about Divya’s call, so Sathya offers to accompany him. Divya sees Sathya come out of the cabin with Ranjith. She rushes to the women and asks them to hide, but the women refuse. Divya quickly removes her neck chain and gives it to them. Sathya wonders why Divya starts fights all the time. This leaves Divya furious.
In the morning, Sathya serves food to Prabhu, who insists that Sathya eat extra food for their unborn baby. As they eat their breakfast, Sathya tells Prabhu that she plans to ride a bike during her pregnancy. Indhumathi, who is listening to their conversation, looks at the couple surprisingly. Sathya further tells Prabhu that she wants her child to be brave. Prabhu agrees with Sathya and Indhumathi gets surprised.
On the way to the office, Prabhu is stopped by Indhumathi who asks if he is insane, and they have an amusing exchange. As Prabhu leaves, Saumya tells Indhumathi that she has heard her conversation with Prabhu. Indhumathi chides Saumya for bugging them and asks Saumya to tell Sathya to not ride the bike. When Saumya refuses, Indhumathi decides to discuss the matter with Sathya herself. She approaches Sathya and to Saumya’s surprise, Indhumathi talks to Sathya sweetly. She further offers to cook Sathya’s favourite dishes for her.
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