Sathya 25 August Written Update: Prabhu receives a good news at Saumya’s ‘Valaikaap’

The women at the ‘Valaikaap’ insult Sathya for being childless. To know what happens next on Sathya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

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August 25, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, Ranjith learns about Divya’s conspiracy and informs Sathya about it. Sathya tells Anita to perform the rituals for Saumya. Later, Makkan and Mandapoone discover Veerasingham’s deceit.


In this episode of Sathya, Prabhu offers Sathya help with her Pattu sari as she struggles with it. Prabhu assures Sathya that he will help her wear a sari just like the one on a mannequin in the store. A fun banter ensues after which Prabhu helps Sathya wear her Pattu saree.

Anita mocks Veerasingham in the function hall, saying he proposes a plan but ultimately fails. Makkan observes the couple from a distance and tells his friend that he wishes to teach them a lesson. Veerasingham plans to get Sathya’s friends drunk. He pretends to help with the arrangements. Makkan, already aware of Veerasingham’s evil plan, approaches Veerasingham with a spiked drink. He pities Veerasingham for working so hard on the arrangements and offers him some juice. Veerasingham consumes the juice without knowing Makkan’s plan, but he feels off. When he walked a little further, Panamande offered him another glass of juice. Veerasingham refuses to drink the juice, but Pannaimande coerces him. Veerasingham is also offered a glass of spiked juice by Mandaipoone. Veerasingham obliges to their requests, eventually feeling dizzy. As they play, Makkan forces a drunk Veerasingham to dance. When Anitha stops him, Veerasingham forces Anitha to dance too, but the latter thrashes him.

Back in the hall, the ‘Valaikaap’ ceremony begins. Ranjith wonders what Divya is up to as the latter signals at a few women sitting nearby. The women talk ill about Sathya and call her barren. Sathya, a childless woman, is questioned as to how she can participate in an auspicious ceremony like ‘Valaikaap’. Indhumathi confronts the women for insulting Sathya. She calls Sathya to the stage and asks her to make Saumya wear the bangles. Sathya walks toward Saumya, but faints on stage. Prabhu and everyone present become nervous. Both Prabhu and Ranjith call doctors to attend to Sathya. When the family awaits the doctor, a woman claiming to be a doctor and examines Sathya. She assures an upset Prabhu that Sathya is fine. The doctor informs Prabhu that Sathya is pregnant. Hearing this, Prabhu and Indhumathi’s joy knows no bounds. The doctors called by Prabhu and Ranjith reach the hall. Prabhu shares the good news with them and asks them to examine Sathya once again. The doctors confirm that Sathya is pregnant.


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