Sathya 17 September 2021 Written Update: Prabhu shares his woes with Janaki

An upset Prabhu reaches Janaki’s house to apologise to Makkan. He gets emotional and tells Janaki that Sathya is too weak and that she doesn’t care of herself and their unborn baby.

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September 17, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, tired of eating healthy food, Sathya calls Makkan and asks him to bring her Lobster curry from a roadside food stall. Anitha clicks pictures as Sathya eats the dish and shows the pictures to Prabhu. A furious Prabhu slaps Makkan for bringing the dish for Sathya. Later, Sathya insists that Prabhu apologise to Makkan for slapping him.

In the next episode of Sathya, Prabhu recollects his argument with Sathya and worries if she had eaten her medication on time. He calls Indhumathi and asks her to check on Sathya. Accordingly, Indhumathi goes to Sathya’s room and asks her to have her food and medication. But Sathya, who is sulking about the fight, refuses to eat or have the medication. Indhumathi calls Prabhu and informs him that she took food for Sathya, but the latter refused to eat it.

Prabhu rushes home and goes to meet Sathya in the bedroom. Upon seeing Prabhu, Sathya pretends to be busy on her phone. Prabhu asks her if she had her medication. Sathya replies that he shouldn’t have slapped Makkan and that he must apologise to him. Prabhu asks Sathya if she would eat the meal if he apologised to Makkan and Sathya agrees.

At Janaki’s house, Makkan and Panamandai meet Janaki. Makkan tells Janaki that Prabhu slapped him. Janaki talks in Prabhu’s favour and accuses Makkan of creating a rift. Prabhu hears Janaki’s words and walks into the house. Janaki asks Prabhu if everything is alright. Prabhu tells Janaki about the doctor’s words for Sathya and her unborn baby. He complains to Janaki that Sathya doesn’t take care of herself despite being pregnant. Prabhu tells Janaki how Sathya fought for the schoolgirl. Soon, Makkan receives a call from Sathya asking him if Prabhu apologised to him. At first, Makkan states that Prabhu doesn’t have to apologise to him. But when Sathya prods him continuosly, Makkan tells her that Prabhu did apologise to him. Prabhu tells Janaki how a pregnant Sathya ended up eating Lobster curry. He requests Makkan and Panamandai to stay away from Sathya for some time and the duo agrees.

Prabhu reaches home and apologises to Sathya. But Sahya still refuses to eat her meal. When Prabhu shouts, Sathya playfully tells him that she will eat only if he feeds her. Prabhu brings food for Sathya and feeds her. While he does so, Prabhu informs Sathya about her ‘Thulabharam’ that will be done the next day. Anitha overhears their conversation. She secretly hears the conversation between Prabhu and Indhumathi about Sathya’s ‘Thulabharam’.

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