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Ritwik’s Mom Devika And Her Manipulative Ways In Hamariwali Good News Remind Us Of Rani Sa From ATBA

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 19, 2021

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Here is why we think Devika from Hamariwali Good News and Rani Sa from Apna Time Bhi Aayega are similar in nature.

Zee TV’s serial Hamariwali Good News stars Juhi Parmar as Meera and Shakti Anand as Mukund Tiwari in the lead roles, while Apna Time Bhi Aayega stars Megha Ray as Rani and Fahmaan Khan as Veer in the lead roles. Recently in Hamariwali Good News, we were introduced to Devika, Ritwik’s (Subir Rana) mother, who has quickly shown how manipulative and cunning she is. Her evil plans and manipulative nature definitely reminds us of Rani Sa (Tannaz Irani) from Apna Time Bhi Aayega who is also quite cunning and devious in nature and constantly creates problems for her daughter-in-law, Rani. Let’s have a look at the similarities that they share.

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Manipulative nature

We have all seen Rani Sa’s manipulative nature that she used to control Veer and turn things in her favour. Time and again, she has brainwashed Veer into believing that he should not continue his marriage with Rani and instead should get married to Kiara (Preyal Shah). In the same way, Devika also likes to manipulate people’s opinion in order to make things work in her favour. She has been trying to manipulate Ritwik and Meera’s opinion against Navya and Mukund for a very long time. It is Ritwik’s true love and dedication towards Navya (Shrishti Jain) that has saved their relationship from the devious ways of Devika.

Devika in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

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Evil minded

In Apna Time Bhi Aayega, Rani Sa did all she could to throw Rani out of Veer’s life and in order to do so, she devised many evil plans. From putting false blame on Rani to threatening her to leave Veer, Rani Sa has done it all. Similarly, Devika also has many evil tricks up her sleeves in order to separate Ritwik and Navya. Recently we saw that although Devika promised Ritwik to get him married to Navya, she is actually planning to disrupt the wedding so that they cannot get together. Just like Rani Sa, Devika also threatened Navya and told her to stay away from her son. Well, Devika seems to have learnt quite a lot from Rani Sa!

Rani Sa in Apna Bhi Time Aayega
Source: ZEE5

Differentiates on the basis of class

Rani Sa and Devika, both have an obsession with one’s class and status in society. Both of them judge people on the basis of the wealth and power they possess. Rani Sa’s only reason for hatred towards Rani was that she was the daughter of a driver and that she did not belong to a royal lineage. Devika also dislikes Navya because she is less wealthy than Ritwik’s family and she perceives Navya to be a gold-digger who only wants to marry her son for his wealth. These ladies need to stop flaunting their wealth.

Devika in Hamariwali Good News
Source: ZEE5

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Took the path of crime for their benefit

Rani Sa has concealed a huge crime and helped cover it up when she blamed Rani’s father, Ramadheer for it. Later in order to cover up her tracks, Rani Sa committed some more crimes like trying to get Ramadheer killed. The path of crime ultimately led her to jail. Devika also helped Aditya and Akki by bailing them out of jail and has now started planning to create problems in Navya’s life. She helped Aditya and Akki even after knowing that they are responsible for Renuka’s death.

Rani Sa in Apna Time Bhi Aayega
Source: ZEE5

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