Ratris Khel Chale 3: With Abhiram’s Return, Here’s How Things Might Get On Track For The Naik Family

Life has turned no less than a hell for the Naik family. However, Abhiram’s return has sparked a new hope for the declining aura of the Naik clan.

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March 25, 2021



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Earlier, horror movies and TV shows had a predefined setting. That would go by a family living in a deserted location experiencing abnormal spirits. Going by these predictable plotlines, the horror genre became out of run with not-so-spooky characters. However, restoring our faith in the genre, Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale has redefined the meaning of a horror story. The show has proved that the real horrors induce from the humans and their devious minds.  And this is something which sets Ratris Khel Chale apart from the contemporary horror stories.

In the first season, it was about the strange incidents the Naik family experienced after Anna Naik’s death. The second season essayed the past story of Anna Naik and his family clan. In the third season which seems to unfold as an epilogue, there have been a lot of unexpected changes. The successors of Naik clan including Datta and Madhav are living tragic lives while their mother prays for a change.

The only hope of Naik family now is Abhiram who seeems to be the only one living a well-settled life away from the village. In the upcoming episode, he will be returning to his hometown.

So, here’s taking a look at how things might change for the Naik family as their ‘only hope’ Abhiram visits the village.

Fixing Up The Ruins Of Wada

A still from Ratris Khel Chale 3
Source: ZEE5

The ruins of the Naik wada tell the story of the family’s decline in the village. Though only the remains of the manor are visible, an old Indumati lives there hoping for everything to change. And with Abhiram returning to the village, he might fix-up the ancestral house of Naiks upon his mother’s insistence. Also, he would restrict the antics of greedy locals who are eyeing upon the wada.

Madhav’s Medical Treatment

A still from Ratris Khel Chale 3
Source: ZEE5

Both Abhiram and Madhav shared a great bond with each other. Madhav had always helped him with his studies and guided him at every phase of his life. And learning about Madhav’s mental condition, Abhiram will get completely shattered. He might get Madhav admitted to a hospital for a proper medical treatment. Also, Madhav’s son seems to be missing, Abhiram will definitely look upon it.

Datta And Abhiram Getting Together

A still from Ratris Khel Chale 3
Source: ZEE5

Datta who works as a labourer on nearby farms would get overjoyed with Abhiram’s return. And these two brothers can get along reviving the lost aura of the Naik family. Madhav and Abhi will try to get back the ownership of their ancestral lands. For those unaware, Anna’s best friend Nene lawyer misused his friendship to dupe the Naik family.

Well, it remains to be seen if Abhiram can revive the aura of Naik clan.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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