Radhamma Kuthuru: Here’s why Bujjamma should forgive Akshara for taking the fake Mudupu

At every given point, Akshara from Radhamma Kuthuru has been there to protect Bujjamma’s honour and here’s why we think she needs to be let off the hook this time!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 27, 2021



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While it is not surprising that Shruti has once again found a way to endanger Bujjamma and Akshara’s relationship, what actually surprises us is how persistent she is. Time and again during the course of Radhamma Kuthuru, Shruti has tried to hamper the relationship between Akshara and Bujjamma, and this time it was by replacing the Mudupu with a fake one.

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While we would expect Bujjamma to be upset with this blunder, we genuinely think that Akshara should be off the hook because she certainly has not done this intentionally. A Mududpu without a doubt is very important, but Bujjama should remember how many times Akshara has safeguarded her honour in the past.

Akshara in Radhamma Kuthuru
Akshara in Radhamma Kuthuru (Source: ZEE5)

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Remember when Shruti had deliberately worn a dull saree for Purandari’s function? To protect Bujjamma’s pride, Akshara made sure that Shruti changed her saree! Moreover, she always makes sure that she does everything to Bujjamma’s liking, proving that she values their relationship more than anything. She even put her mother’s house on the line to free Bujjamma’s ornaments, which is not something everyone would do.

When compared to Akshara bringing the fake Mudupu, these things are far superior and speak volumes of her love for Bujjamma. We genuinely think that Bujjamma would be doing the right thing by forgiving Akshara and not endangering their relationship! A daughter-in-law like Akshara is a true blessing and we are sure that everyone would agree to this. The Mudupu doesn’t feel like a big deal when you compare her other sacrifices.

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