Qubool Hai 2.0 Review: With A Gripping Storyline, An #EternalLove And A Cross-Border Drama, This Reunion Of Asad And Zoya Is A Must-Watch!

Planning to watch Qubool Hai 2.0 this weekend? Read our review to find out if Karan Singh Grover-Surbhi Jyoti’s love story deserves your attention.

After a long period of waiting, finally, all the prayers of #AsYa fans have been answered, as ZEE5 comes up with a digital reboot of Asad And Zoya’s eternal reunion in a different universe. Although Qubool Hai ended on Zee TV in 2015, it has been almost seven years since we witnessed the eternal romance between Asad and Zoya, since the show later focused on their children’s lives. And now as Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti re-enter our lives as Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui with Qubool Hai 2.0, it’s time for celebrations galore.

Watch the trailer of this passionate romance here:

The show starts with the enchanting title sequence of Qubool Hai 2.0. The song perfectly captures the essence of the show and sets the right mood for this story of #EternalLove. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Belgrade in Serbia, the show starts by giving us a nostalgic reminder of the characters and their behaviour. While Zoya is seen saying parts of her catchphrase, ‘Allah Miyan’, Asad is shown as an angry young man with OCD. 

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As Zoya Farooqui gets ready for her ‘nikah’ with a wealthy, powerful, bodybuilder, she feels she can’t go through it. In fact, she wants to go meet her father who has reached out to her after so many years. The scene where she remembers her father also reminds us of the OG Qubool Hai as it uses the same music that was used in the TV prequel.

On the other hand, Asad Ahmed Khan is India’s most celebrated and successful sharpshooter who is in Belgrade for a tournament. We’re also introduced to Asad’s family, his mother Dilshad(Shalini Kapoor) and sister Najma(Nehalaxmi Iyer). In an interesting turn of events, Zoya elopes from her marriage to reunite with her father and ends up bumping into Asad. What follows next is a thrilling car chase as Asad and Zoya try to get away from some goons.

Asad and Zoya from Qubool Hai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

With Salman’s goons on her trail, Asad seems like the only person who can keep Zoya safe. As they check in to a hotel the cute banter between them can be witnessed. The evergreen combination of a messy Zoya and a cleanliness freak Asad just refreshed our memories. Meanwhile, we can see that a vigilant chief of the Indian National Securities Council, Damini Sood (Mandira Bedi) is keeping a keen eye on them right from the moment Asad and Zoya met.

Source: ZEE5

Owing to Asad’s popularity, Salman’s goons end up finding their location and reach the hotel to take Zoya with them, and Asad swoops in like a knight in shining armour to save her. He doesn’t only bash the goons like a pro but also turns into “James Bond”, in Zoya’s words, as he pulls off a stunt on the top of a high-rise building.

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After a few failed attempts by the goons in catching Zoya, the duo then heads to the airport to go home. While they decide to part ways, looks like destiny had some other plans for them. Though initially, Asad gets a little startled at the fact that Zoya is a Pakistani but being the gentleman that he is, he decides to book a chartered flight to help the damsel in distress. Just as they bid adieu for the third time in a row, Asad gets to know that Zoya’s life is in danger and rushes to save her.

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After an action-packed sequence in the aircraft, the duo finally reaches Pakistan and that’s when Asad comes to know the true identity of Zoya Farooqui, that she is Gen. Bakhtiyar Farooqui’s daughter. Following a distressful meal between and Indian and Pakistani patriot, Gen Bakhtiyar challenges Asad for a round of shooting. In a sudden turn of events, bullets start flying in the air and the house seems to be under attack. And that’s when Asad’s true colours are revealed.

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What follows is a series of revelations about Asad’s identity, his intentions, his involvement in the mission and more. While everyone suspects Asad to be behind Gen. Bakhtiyar’s death, Zoya trusts him blindly. And despite his mission and his love for the nation, Asad can’t seem to control his emotions when he’s around Zoya.

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It’s pretty evident that there is a mastermind behind all these events. While we know who is controlling the mission from India’s side, the Pakistani counterpart remains a mystery till the very end. In a series of events that follow, Asad and Zoya finally manage to reach the airport when a big secret is revealed. Will Zoya stand by her #EternalLove? Now that’s a question you’ll have to answer after watching the show.

Source: ZEE5

Karan Singh Grover has truly owned his role as Asad Ahmed Khan. Despite the gap of seven years, the actor has nailed each and every aspect of the character, right from his OCD to his serious expressions, to even the way he says, “Miss Farooqui”. Looks like his workouts and training also paid off as the actor looked brilliant in the action sequences as well.

Source: ZEE5

Surbhi Jyoti looked splendid as the bubbly chirpy Zoya and the moment she said “Allah Miyaan! What’s wrong with you Mr Khan?” we knew we had gotten our eternal love birds back. Surbhi aced the character with as much ease as she did when the show aired on TV. The messy behaviour, the non-stop chatter, everything was beautifully picked up by the actress.

Source: ZEE5

Mandira Bedi looked unbelievably natural in the role of Damini Sood, chief of the Indian National Securities Council. The ease and conviction, with which the actress essayed her role are commendable.

Source: ZEE5

Not just the leading stars of the show but even the supporting cast excelled in their performances. Arif Zakaria was exceptional as Pakistan’s defence minister, Gen.Bhakhtiyar Farooqi. Some noteworthy performances were given by Shalini Kapoor as Dilshad, Asad’s Mother, Nehalaxmi Iyer as Najma Khan aka Tamatar, Asad’s sister, Daksh Sharma as Rizwan, Najma’s boyfriend and Ashwin Mushran as Asad’s coach. Gurpreet Bedi beautifully essayed the role of Sana, Zoya’s friend, while Prateik Deshpande played Zoya’s loving brother Zoheb Farooqi. Amir Ahmed played Zoya’s childhood friend, Haider, while popular actress Lillete Dubey essayed the role of Zoya’s aunt, Nilofer.

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The show was beautifully shot and had some amazing frames captured. While the shot division and cinematography impressed us, the bang on direction made for a crisp storyline. The action sequences were edited with precision and that just added to the whole experience of watching this show.

Source: ZEE5

Watching Qubool Hai 2.0 is an experience in itself. The enchanting title song used as the background score is pure brilliance. Except for the beautiful locations in Serbia and everywhere else, the location created by the art team also deserves a round of applause. This cross-border drama is a complete treat to watch, and many of its dialogues might even take you on a trip down memory lane.

Watch Qubool Hai 2.0 NOW! Streaming Exclusively on ZEE5.

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