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Prema Entha Maduram: Anu and Arya’s relationship is clearly blessed by the Cupid, here’s why

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December 22, 2020

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From staring at death and being saved every time to being assumed as a couple, here’s why we think Prema Entha Maduram’s Anu and Arya are truly blessed.

Ever since Arya and Anu came into our lives with Prema Entha Maduram, we knew that they were meant to be together! However, there are a few instances in the show that just reconfirm our intuition and tell us that even the gods above have blessed this couple and the duo should confess their feelings to each other as soon as they can. Here is why we think so!

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Remember when they were literally at gunpoint and didn’t even realise it? It was one of the biggest signs from the universe that said that no one can harm them if they are together. Arya did get out of it unharmed. Apart from this, there was this time when Jalandhar got out of prison and still couldn’t get to Arya since he cancelled that flight for London and stayed back.

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Above all of this, when Anu and Arya visited the temple, the priest just assumed that they were husband and wife. We definitely cannot blame him because they just look that perfect for and with each other. The priest went on to do ‘Archana’ for the duo together, praying for God to bless them. Although Arya is just too shy to tell Anu about how he feels, we think that he should understand that all of these are signs from the gods above and confess it to Anu (while she’s awake) already! We do know that this ‘Archana’ is the biggest sign that the gods could have sent to tell them that they are meant to be.

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