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Prema Entha Madhuram 30 November 2023 Written Update: Usha shares her proposal with Anu

Niyantha Palivela

December 6, 2023

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Usha tells Anu about showing her photo to Arya, leaving her worried. A vengeful Jalandhar asks Chhaya Devi to destroy Arya’s family. As Akanksha refuses to have breakfast, Arya feeds her.

In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Anu gives stern warnings to Chhaya Devi and Mansi. As Jalandhar threatens to shoot Anu dead, she gets him arrested. Usha takes Arya to the temple and shows her Anu’s photo.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, on noticing Arya’s anxiousness, Usha asks him if he knows Anu already, but he cooks up a story. Arya then shows Anu’s photo to the priest and asks him if he has seen her before. The priest tells Arya that Anu visits the temple every Monday. On being questioned, Arya explains to the priest that Anu is his wife, and how the circumstances compelled her to distance herself from him.

The priest asks Arya to come to the temple on the day of ‘Kartika Pournami’ to meet Anu. When Arya returns home, Akanksha excitedly greets him and tells him how much she missed him. Usha asks Anu if she has known Arya before. Anu is perplexed when Usha shares how Arya got excited upon seeing her photo. Usha apologises to Anu for showing her photo to Arya without her permission. She explains to Anu that she wants her to marry Arya and be a part of their family forever.

Anu is relieved when Usha tells her that she did not give any of her details to Arya. She then tells Usha that she has been hiding from her family and pleads her not to bring such proposals to either Arya or her. Jalandhar calls Chhaya Devi from the jail and shares his plight with her. He asks Chhaya Devi to destroy Arya’s family and exact revenge. Chhaya Devi plans to do it herself, but Jalandhar asks her to let their goons execute the plan. Back at Suguna’s house, as Akanksha refuses to have ‘idli’ for breakfast, Arya feeds her.


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