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Poovey Poochoodava: The Show Just Addressed One Of The Most Realistic Problems Through Anu Venkat

Bhavna Gandikota

May 24, 2021

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Poovey Poochoodava just addressed a hilarious yet realistic issue through Anu, and here’s what it is!

Throughout the course of Poovey Poochoodava, the show has explored topics like adoption, separation from spouse and family relationships, and all of these are issues that are deep and relatable to a few people. However, the show addressed a problem recently that almost everyone living in a metropolitan city would relate to. It is one of the most hilarious and painstakingly funny problems related to renting houses that we all have.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Poovey Poochoodava right here!

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As Anu scouts for houses with her husband, she is taken to a house that is away from the main road but costs a fortune to rent out. Anu’s reaction reminds us of all of the times when we would want to search for a decent house but our budget wouldn’t allow it. She then lists out how the rent would disrupt her budget because there are travel expenses, and electricity bills and other expenses to sustain herself.

Anu Venkat in Poovey Poochoodava
Anu Venkat in Poovey Poochoodava (Source: ZEE5)

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What made it even funnier was that she was crying over the rent because it went just a little over her budget. Having that said, we are sure that most people understand that every penny matters and even a little sum of money is valuable to us and can make some difference. It is admirable how the show tackles this issue with humour and still keeps it real. You simply cannot miss this scene!

Anu has always been unabashed when she speaks her mind. She never holds back, and the fact that she has a slightly affluent family doesn’t change how she conducts herself. We would love for the show to explore more problems through her in a rib-tickling manner as they did!

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