Bebaakee Starring Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti Rajput, Karan Jotwani Shows Us Different Forms Of Love

Familial connections, the bond with siblings and friends, are all forms and bonds of love that make a person into who they are.

Ankita Tiwari

August 3, 2020


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Bebaakee the web series starring Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti Rajput, and Karan Jotwani in the lead is a romantic thriller. The series explores a love triangle between the lead characters. But apart from that, it also shows other types of bonds and connections that make a person into who they are. Familial connections, the bond with siblings and friends, are all forms of love that a person is subjected to on a daily basis! Bebaakee is a reflection of our own personalities in the form of Sufiyaan’s passion, Imtiaz’s undeniable support, and Kaiynaat’s dilemma. Let us explore the other kinds of love that Bebaakee focuses upon.

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1. Passionate Love: Sufiyaan (Kushal Tandon) has suffered in the past due to his father’s betrayal. He has seen his mother suffer and this has made him oblivious to the charms of love or the existence of true love. But soon, Kaiynaat (Shiv Jyoti Rajput) comes around and Sufiyaan’s entire conception of love changes. He falls head over heels in love but he is unable to trust Kaiynaat. This leads to misunderstandings. Sufiyaan’s love is a scarily passionate one. The kind of love that beast possesses for beauty. It is charming and exactly what we read about in novels. From being only a milestone away from hatred, the passion of love that Sufiyaan holds can destroy and destruct within seconds!

2. Soothing Love: In comparison to Sufiyaan’s crazy possessive love, Imtiaz’s understanding friendly approach comes as a white flag. Imtiaz (Karan Jotwani) and his deep appreciation for Kaiynaat as an intelligent and independent woman is what charms the latter. Kaiynaat’s acceptance of Imtiaz’s friendship and his love comes from the hurt that Sufiyaan directs upon her.

3. Confused Love: Kaiynaat’s love for Sufiyaan is true and it is clearly visible. But she still goes back and forth between her decision and choice of a life partner. Be it Sufiyaan or Imitiaz, Kaiynaat is the most confused person as she loves both in their own way. For her, one is her great love but the other is good love that has the power to keep her happy.

4. Platonic Love – Sufiyaan’s love for his mother and his protectiveness is a portrayal of true platonic love. Apart from that Kaiynaat shares a platonic and warm relationship with her sisters and brother. This familial love is a source of happiness and light in an otherwise dark and bleak background.

5. Unrequited Love – Sufiyaan’s mother Rashida’s unrequited and one-sided love is crushed by his father Adil goes on to marry Benazir and also has a son Rahil with her. But Rashida is left alone. This unrequited love and its consequences are explored in depth by the show.

6. Faux Love – Rahil and Falak, Sufiyaan’s stepbrother and Kaiynaat’s sister are involved in a romantic relationship. But Rahil uses his relationship with Falak as a way to destroy Sufiyaaan and his family. This makes us think, was Rahil in love with Falak or was it just a faux love?

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