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Meet The Churails: A Story Of Every Woman Who Broke The Rules And Said #MainChurailHoon

Kenneth Carneiro

August 10, 2020

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Churails is a unique story, directed by Oscar nominee, Asim Abbasi, about four women from unconventional backgrounds to form a detective agency.

Churails is a story set in Karachi and tells the story of four women who decide to leave their old life behind and make a new beginning. They form a private detective agency using their unique skills to catch men who cheat on their women. This thriller series is written and directed by Asim Abbasi who gained recognition for his film ‘Cake’ which was an international hit and nominated for the Oscar’s. Meet the interesting cast from this upcoming series.

Watch a trailer for the ZEE5 Original series Churails here.

1. Sarwat Gillani as Sara

Sarwat Gillani as Sara in Churails
Source: Twitter

Sarwat Gillani will be seen playing the role of Sara an established lawyer who gives up her career to become a stay at home mother who looks after the family. When she finds out her husband is cheating on her, she decides that she has sacrificed enough and it’s time to live the life she wants by starting a detective agency.

2. Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu

Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu in Churails
Source: Twitter

Yasra Rizvi will be seen as Jugnu, a socialite with alcohol addiction. She constantly has to fight the tag of a trophy wife that society puts on her and works as an event/wedding planner, before joining the detective agency. She is the one organising the finance and operations for the detective agency but she tries to hide her own problems with alcohol addiction.

3. Mehar Bano as Zubeida

Meher Bano as Zubeida in Churails
Source: Twitter

Mehar Bano will be playing the role of Zubeida, an aspiring boxer from a poor household. She runs away from home to fulfil her dreams because he family refuses to let her become a fighter.  She is also tough as nails and convinces the Churails to support more underprivileged women.

4. Nirma Bucha as Batool

Nirma Bucha as Batool in Churails
Source: Twitter

Nirma Bucha will be playing the role of Batool, a foul-mouthed ex-convict. She has served a term of 20 years in jail for killing her husband and has the ability to bring fear in anyone she wants to. Batool remains poker-faced and doesn’t speak much to hide her hurt from her past.

5. Meher Jaffri as Laila

Meher Jafri in Churails on ZEE5
Source: Instagram

Apart from the four founders of the detective agency, Meher Jaffri will also be seen in this series as Laila, a tech geek. She is the hacker who helps the women find out hidden details about their clients and targets.

Watch this space for more details on this interesting ZEE5 show. Catch more shows from Zindagi streaming in India only on ZEE5.

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