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Meet 30 August 2023 Written Update: Raunak plans to kill Shlok

Akshada Bhatkar

September 8, 2023

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Shagun threatens to punish Sumeet if she does not complete the task. Sumeet saves Shlok from a mishap. Raunak asks Sumeet to prove that he is not mentally ill. Later, he plans to kill Shlok.

In the previous episode of Meet, Abhay accuses Vani of betraying him with another man. Raj disguises himself as a doctor to treat Raunak. Shagun rushes to save Raunak while the latter admits that he is not mentally ill.

In the latest episode of Meet, Raunak almost reveals his act of feigning madness but halts as Shagun enters. Shagun escalates the game, prompting Raunak to instantly claim he’s mad and needs a shock. Accusing Sumeet of rule-breaking, Shagun releases Raunak and threatens her with an electric shock. Shlok protests as Shagun brings up Akki and coerces Sumeet into the chair with an electric device above her head. Raj urges Shagun not to harm Sumeet, but she refrains from shocking her. Instead, Shagun challenges Sumeet to win the game without approaching Raunak in twelve hours. Concerned for Shlok’s safety, Sumeet heads towards the kitchen. Unbeknownst to Shlok, Raunak locks the kitchen with a gas leak and intends to set it on fire to kill Shlok. Poonam urges Sumeet to check on Shlok. Sumeet intervenes just as Raunak tries to light a match. She detects the gas leak, opens windows, and scolds Shlok. She finds broken matchsticks near the window and shows them to Shlok, explaining Raunak’s increasing danger. Sumeet’s attempt to turn Raunak’s ego against him fails, and he becomes agitated. Raunak destroys Shlok’s recording and challenges Sumeet to expose him without proof. Raj contacts Pankhudi to meet him, and she gets excited. Meanwhile, Shagun’s tailors demand the Chaudharys wear slavery uniforms. Shagun’s video message convinces them. Shlok has nightmares about Shagun’s cruelty but regains composure during measurements. Raunak schemes to use a gorilla to harm Shlok. He pays a goon to access a gorilla but gets bitten. He plans to use the gorilla against Shlok. Sumeet frets about winning Shagun’s game and saving Akki while attending to Shlok.

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