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Meet 05 September 2023 Written Update: Sumeet learns about Anand’s death

Akshada Bhatkar

September 13, 2023

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Ashok poses as Shlok’s father, Anand and talks to Shlok. Poonam and Ashok tell Sumeet about Anand’s death. Meanwhile, Shlok gets excited to meet Anand. Shagun sends goons to beat up Shlok.

In the previous episode of Meet, Sumeet smartly helps Shlok and Raj with Shagun’s task. This irks Raunak and he makes the task harder for them. However, Raj and Shlok win the task. Shagun assigns the next task to the Chaudharys.

In the latest episode of Meet, Ashok is training the Chaudharys and other associates for Dahi Handi. Meanwhile, Rajeev confronts Ashok, suspecting he’s drunk. Poonam scolds Rajeev, but he insists that winning Shagun’s task is crucial. Shlok suggests that Anand, his father, can train them for Dahi Handi, and Ashok agrees. Poonam appears worried when Sumeet looks at her. Shlok takes Poonam’s phone to call Anand, but she stops him. The call connects, and Shlok excitedly informs Anand and invites him over. In the storeroom, Ashok, pretending to be Anand, tells Shlok he can’t come but will send trainers. Shlok insists Anand must come, or it’ll be like a death sentence for him. Ashok agrees to come, and Shlok hugs Rajeev happily. Poonam walks away, and Sumeet observes her curiously. In the storeroom, Poonam questions Ashok about lying to Shlok. He reveals that Anand died in a bus accident, traumatizing Shlok. Anand made Poonam and Ashok promise not to reveal his death. Ashok confesses to Sumeet about lying to Shlok, saying Anand is abroad on a contract. Sumeet suggests telling Shlok the truth, but Poonam disagrees. Shlok proudly shows his T-shirt with Anand’s name, believing they will win Shagun’s game. Poonam informs Sumeet that Anand died on Janmashtami and wonders if Shagun knows. Meanwhile, Shagun tells Raunak that revealing Anand’s death will make Shlok go insane. Shlok reminisces about Anand breaking a Dahi Handi on his request. She sends a few goons to beat up Shlok. When the human pyramid starts falling apart, Shlok gets aggressive with a group of boys who want them to leave. Rajeev intervenes, but Shlok gets hit on the head, fainting. Rajeev informs Poonam and Sumeet, who try to revive Shlok.

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