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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: RJ Bindu Rani’s Show Goes Live; Things That Might Go Wrong If Shanaya’s Secret Is Revealed

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 12, 2020

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With Shanaya now turning into an RJ with her new show as Bindu Rani, here is a list of things that can go wrong as she hides her secret from the world.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Rasika Sunil plays an interesting character of Shanaya. The actor has received immense love despite playing a negative role on the show, initially. Shanaya’s character has evolved over the years from being a carefree girl to a responsible and motivating woman. On the show currently, Shanaya has become the head of Radhika Masale as well as a secret Radio Jockey. The audience has been enjoying watching Shanaya gracefully switch in between her two jobs while keeping one a complete secret, even from her close ones. Shanaya’s job as RJ Bindu Rani is a secret she cannot even share with her close ones. But how long do you think can she hide this secret of hers? Here is a list of things that can go wrong while Shanaya lives her secret life.

What will happen if Gurunath finds out about her job?

Gurunath initially cheated on his wife Radhika and had an affair with Shanaya. Now he has married Shanaya but has an affair with Maya. However, for his benefit, Gurunath is trying to get back with Shanaya so he could boast about Shanaya’s status as the head of Radhika Masale. But what will happen when Gurunath finds out that Shanaya is also RJ Bindu Rani? Will Gurunath let out her secret and expose her by creating more problems for her?

Will Shanaya’s mother be the first one to recognise her daughter’s voice?

As RJ Bindu Rani’s first show goes on air, a lot of people listen to her new show. Shanaya’s mother also listens to her daughter’s voice and assumes it is Shanaya. Will Shanaya’s mother recognise her daughter’s voice and tell everyone about it?

Will KD find out?

KD also listens to RJ Bindu Rani’s show and doubts that it is Shanaya’s voice. Since nothing can be hidden from KD, how far will KD go to find out about the voice behind RJ Bindu Rani? And if KD finds out, will he tell Gurunath and Maya about it?

Will Shreyas feel hurt that Shanaya hid about her job from him?

Shreyas had a huge crush on Shanaya when the show Mazhya Navryachi Bayko initially aired. In recent episodes, it is clearly seen that Shreyas has been developing feelings for Shanaya again. Shreyas and Shanaya are eventually getting close and talking a lot these days. Will Shreyas be the one to find out about Shanaya’s secret? How will he react when he finds out about it?

Will she able to juggle between her two jobs?

Another problem Shanaya might face is juggling between two jobs. Since Shanaya is the head of Radhika Masale, she has a number of responsibilities to fulfil with honesty and alertness. Meanwhile, she also has to hide the secret of her other job and make sure nobody knows about it. Will Shanaya be able to juggle between so many things at a time?

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