Manmohini: A Timeline Of This Epic Story Of Chudails And Superhumans That Spans Over 500 years

Manmohini starring Reyhna Malhotra as the witch ‘Mohini’ is the story of her using her powers, losing it and fighting to get the powers back.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 7, 2020


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Manmohini was a unique show on Zee TV as a supernatural thriller centred around an intense love story. The television series stars Ankit Siwach and Garima Rathod as a Rajput royal couple Ram and Siya while Reyhna Malhotra plays the titular character Manmohini, a 500-year-old witch obsessed with Ram. She does everything in her power to break the love between Ram and Siya.

During this struggle, she loses some of her powers. To help her out she includes another chudail in her plans. Chakwa (Rakhi Sawant) offers to help Mohini but later on decides to betray her and keep Shiv all to herself. Mohini is forced to kill Chakwa when she finds out about the betrayal.

In the end, Ram and Siya choose to die together rather than live apart from each other. Siya is shocked to find out that her son Shiv has taken in some of Mohini’s evil powers. With her dying breath, Siya manages to save her child Shiv from Mohini.

Watch the promo for the twenty-year leap that happened after this important moment in the show.

Mohini spends twenty years looking for Shiv, Siya’s son. Shiv begins a new life and takes the name of Mann with a new family. He falls in love with Ananya. However, the evil powers inside him begin to take control. Shiv is unable to stop himself from turning into a demon and his biggest weakness is the blood of his ladylove, Ananya.

Mohini finally manages to track down Shiv and becomes a part of his life. She comes up with different plans to get back her powers but the demon inside Shiv is not ready to quit so soon. Shiv finds out that he also has a brother, Amar. What Shiv doesn’t know is that Amar is also a superhuman who is in love with Ananya.

Amar joins Mohini in trying to kill Shiv. Meanwhile, Ananya finds out that the man she loves has another side to him, which wants to kill her and drink her blood. She has to decide if she still wants to marry him.

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