Majha Hoshil Na: 5 Clues That Sai Received About Billu’s Father; Will She Succeed In Uncovering His True Identity?

In Majha Hoshil Na, these five clues could help Sai connect the dots and uncover Bandhu Mama’s truth!

Tanvi Rumale

April 1, 2021



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Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai is a fan-favourite because of how well she can handle things. She is quick-witted and is adorable to everyone. But the curious case of Billu’s father is yet to be uncovered by Sai! Bandhu mama, who is Billu’s real father is secretly married to Gulpreet. He has not told this to anyone at the Brahme house because of their past with Sindhu Vahini. Plus, the fact that Gulpreet is Punjabi must have also made him take this drastic step. In the last couple of episodes, we saw how Aditya and Sai just missed Bandhu mama who hid in the auto and left without greeting them.

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The first clue: The colour of Bandhu mama’s shirt

When Aditya and Sai get back from the restaurant, Sai notices that Bandhu mama’s shirt was the same colour as Billu’s father’s. They might not have seen his face, but they did see a glimpse of his shirt and it was light purple, exactly the same kind as the one Bandhu mama is wearing in the scene!

Second clue: Billu’s father and Bandhu mama’s poha

When Billu comes to the Brahme house, Sai meet him and thinks he is lost. He thinks that his parents are busy so he has found his way to her house. She sits him down at the dining table where Bandhu mama’s poha is kept. Billu stares at it with hunger. He loves food. He mentions that his dad makes poha for him and his mother at his house. Sai says that Bandhu mama makes them here. Billu then replies that its the same thing! The poha too is the same thing!

Third clue: Billu knows the address of the Brahme house

Sai thinks that Billu has lost his way and reached the house but Billu tells her that he knew the right address and reached. This surprises Sai! How could Billu have possibly known the Brahme house address? And why did he decide to come here? Pintya mama thinks that Billu is a thief but Sai gets suspicious at this!

Fourth clue: Billu not only recognises Bandhu mama but listens to him

When Billu locks himself in a car at Pintya mama’s garage, Bandhu mama shows up and Billu is excited. He recognises him and when Bandhu mama offers to try and get him out, Sai is surprised. Bandhu mama begins to speak in a Punjabi accent and convinces Billu to come out! Just the fact that Bandhu mama knew what to say to get him out and the way they hug after is a huge clue! Billu hugs him and calls him his Papaji.

Fifth clue: “Papaji”

Later, when they all reach home and Billu is asked who his father is, he doesn’t reply. But, when Sai asks who his Pappaji is, he understands the question. That means he associates that word with the meaning of father and that is the word he used for Bandhu mama earlier! Bandhu mama too is evidently hassled when he hears the word and this is as obvious as it gets!

Will Sai be able to connect the dots?

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