Lucky And Geetha’s Bramhagantu Is A Splendid Show That Must Be Revisited – Here’s Why

Thinking of how to entertain yourself while also working from home? ZEE5’s Bramhagantu is just what you should binge on!


April 13, 2020

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With the unexpected entry of the COVID-19 also now a global pandemic, governments of all countries are taking steps to prevent the virus from further spreading. While the first step is to ‘work from home’, we completely understand the boredom that it entails. And, if you feel that your work from home is going to be boring, then no worries! It’s time to revisit one of the most interesting shows of all time – Bramhagantu. For those who haven’t watched it, Bramhagantu is a story of an overweight girl Geetha who dreams of marrying the man of her life someday.

While many exploit her to get their work done, Geetha is kind enough to help everyone and is selfless in more ways than one. However, all she wants for herself is to marry the man of her dreams, while also having a grand wedding ceremony.

Bramhagantu is one of the few shows that breaks all stereotypes while designing a plot that revolves around an overweight girl, Geeta, who takes life as it comes and is extremely grateful for everything that she has. She is confident, kind, happy, and helpful. Everyone around her tells her not to eat much and to watch her diet. However, what sets Geetha apart from everyone else is the fact that she is comfortable with herself. While she is aware of her size, she is okay with it and is never seen crying or worrying about the same.

Bramhagantu's Geetha Bharathi Bhat - Pose 3
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Life turns around for her when she meets Lakshman aka Lucky who becomes the one she wishes to marry. Lucky is every woman’s dream. He comes across as the ultimate gentleman who is good-looking, rich and a wrestler by profession. Geetha falls in love with Lucky who initially doesn’t show any interest in her. Throughout her struggle to express her love for him, she doesn’t lose hope or think any less of herself. She stands strong on what she believes in and doesn’t think of changing herself for someone else even if it is the man that she has fallen in love with. When Lucky actually gets to know her, he realises how much he loves her for the kind of person she is. Her helpful, and kind but fun nature, are all the qualities that Lucky eventually falls for.

So go ahead and give this show a try. It will definitely keep you entertained during your quarantine period. Stay safe guys and keep washing your hands!

Catch all episodes of Bramhagantu exclusively on ZEE5!

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