Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14 October 2020: Prithvi Loses His Cool And Tries To Slap Preeta!

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October 13, 2020



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In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira and Sherlyn try to convince Rakhi that Sarla is only trying to defend Preeta. Rakhi tells them to stop speaking ill about Sarla. Preeta refuses to marry Prithvi until he wakes up. She hopes to delay the wedding but Prithvi wakes up just then. Rishabh promises Sarla that he will find out what happened to Preeta and bringe her back to the Luthra House. Prithvi sees Preeta and Srishti kidnapped and pretends to be upset. He takes his brother, Pawan, to another room and thanks him for bringing Preeta to him.

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In the upcoming episode, Prithvi convinces Pawan that Preeta loves him and will be ready to marry him once she frees her. One of the kidnappers finds his gang members tied up and locked in a room together. They tell him that Janki has escaped. Prithvi finds out this and gets worried.

He tells Pawan that Janki is his biggest enemy and she can put him in big trouble. Janki overhears Prithvi’s conversation and is surprised to see him scared of her. Prithvi goes back to the room where Preeta is tied up along with Srishti. He frees them and asks Preeta to speak with him for two minutes.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Karan
Karan finds Preeta’s belongings still in his room.

Preeta refuses to go with him and Srishti tries to hold her back. Janki throws a vase that hits Pawan on the head and tries to stab him. Prithvi throws a stool at Janki and knocks her unconscious. At the Luthra House, Karan finds Preeta left her clothes and belongings in his room so he is sure that she didn’t run away.

Prithvi takes Preeta to his room forcefully and tries to convince her to marry him. When she refuses he tries to slap her. Preeta stops him hand but she is surprised by his behaviour. Janki wakes up and remembers how Prithvi and Sherlyn had once tried to kill her before she lost her memory.

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