Kumkum Bhagya: What Has Happened To Abhi And How Can Pragya Nurture Him?

Check out what has happened to Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya and if Pragya will be able to nurture him!

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March 9, 2021


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Kumkum Bhagya took a major turn when Abhi got separated from Pragya once again. While we all wanted to see AbhiGya’s romance, the story got twisted after he was fatally injured. While he was discharged from the hospital, Aliya never allowed Pragya to meet him. Her constant objection compelled Pragya to think if everything was fine inside the Mehra mansion. She eventually had to disguise herself as a maid to re-enter the house and seek answers.

When Pragya entered Abhi’s house, she decided to find Abhi and went to his room. However, she got the shock of her life after he snapped at her and tried to beat her. Pragya was stunned to witness his abnormal behaviour and kept wondering about his condition. When she tried to stop him, Pragya fell on the floor and Abhi gave her a bite mark on her wrist. Aliya then entered the room and started beating him much to Pragya’s surprise. Towards the end, Pragya was left devastated and vowed to help him get back to normal.

After a doctor came to examine Abhi, Pragya tried asking him about his condition. He then informs her that as the bullet hit Abhi’s frontal lobe, his body organs are not getting supported by his brain. Due to this, he can certainly bring his hand to his mouth to eat food but won’t remember how to eat. While elaborating on his condition, he also informed her that Abhi is currently a living dead being.

Kumkum Bhagya
Source: ZEE5

Pragya was shocked to hear about Abhi’s diagnosis, however, she didn’t lose hope. She asked the doctor about how she should talk to him or what treatment can she follow. The doctor told her that she should be very patient with him and start explaining things to him slowly rather than showing any rage towards him.

Kumkum Bhagya
Source: ZEE5

Following his advice, Pragya goes to Abhi’s room and calmly handles him saying she isn’t here to beat him but to make sure that nobody else does that. After hearing her assurance, he finally calms down and starts behaving friendly with her. This was certainly a positive step towards his recovery but she has miles more to walk.

Source: ZEE5

Will Abhi get better with Pragya’s efforts or will Aliya and Tanu ruin her plan? Stay tune with ZEE5 for more updates on Kumkum Bhagya.

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