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Kumkum Bhagya 04 January 2023 Written Update: Rhea’s lies are exposed


January 7, 2023

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The doctor reveals Rhea’s lies and informs everyone that she attempted to bribe him. Pallavi requests that Alia leave the house, and Aryan ends his relationship with Alia. Prachi requests that Ranbeer save Rhea.

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer reassures Prachi and tells her that he will take care of the situation. Alia meanwhile, worries about the plan not going her way and wonders what she needs to do. Rhea at home, tells Prachi that she has stolen her dreams and happiness. Prachi rebukes her but Rhea mentions that she will not let Prachi and Ranbeer stay together. Alia worries about the medical reports on the drive home. Pallavi gives a word of warning to the family members and Ranbeer reads the reports, stating that Rhea is pregnant. It is shown that Alia once again manages to change the reports and Rhea puts up an act in front of everyone. Prachi fights and tries to tell the truth but Rhea proclaims that she is pregnant with Ranbeer’s child. The doctor comes to the ceremony and tells everyone that she is not pregnant at all.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea continues to lie to the family members about her pregnancy but the doctor arrives there and says that Rhea is lying about her pregnancy. Alia comes to her rescue and accuses the doctor of falsifying the reports. The doctor rebukes them and shows them the evidence as well. Alia keeps questioning Prachi but Ranbeer gets her to keep quiet. Pallavi doesn’t take Rhea’s side as well and the doctor shows everyone a video of Rhea trying to bribe him. Knowing that her ploy is up, Rhea threatens to commit suicide but Ranbeer stops Prachi from following her. Later, Rhea realises that no one is appeasing her and gets furious. She hears footsteps and pretends to commit suicide in front of Prachi and Sahana. Meanwhile, Pallavi shouts at Alia and throws her out of the house. Surprising everyone, Aryan opens the door and tells Alia to leave, mentioning that their relationship is now over. Alia leaves the house and Prachi comes running to Ranbeer and tells him to save Rhea.

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