KRMKB: Shubhra’s Newfound Freedom And Confidence Remind Us Of Shashi From English Vinglish

Here is how we think Shubhra’s newfound confidence and freedom is similar to Shashi from English Vinglish.

Zee TV’s popular serial Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti stars Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi as Kuldeep Chadda and Neha Marda as Shubhra in the lead roles. In the show, we recently saw that Shubhra decided to start her own business and started designing jewellery for clients. She also participated in a competition and won the first prize in it. Due to the success of her new business, she has found freedom and confidence in herself and this phase in Shubhra’s life reminds us of Shashi from English Vinglish. Here’s recalling a few similarities between them.

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Breaking out of the mould

In English Vinglish, we see that Shashi is demeaned and underestimated by her husband and her daughter due to her poor English skills. Once she reaches New York and starts taking English classes, we see that she finds a great deal of confidence and respect for herself as she can now pave her way on her own. In the same way, Shubhra also feels confident and contented due to her new business as she realises she can flourish on her own and make a living for herself without Kuldeep’s help.

Shashi and Shubhra
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Enjoying the freedom

Shashi was always burdened with household work and her responsibilities, so she had never experienced the liberating feeling of freedom. When she visits New York, for the first time she takes a step for her own good. She does and goes wherever she wants and she is not answerable to anyone nor does she have to worry about her husband and her children. This freedom is something that Shubhra has been experiencing recently. After being in a chaotic marriage and fighting for herself and her children for most of her life, she finally did something that she enjoys and that is designing jewellery. Her freedom from the continuous tug of war for her husband and her overburdening responsibilities gave her a chance to enjoy her own interest and create a future in it.

Shubhra and Shashi
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Independence from their oppressive husbands

In English Vinglish, Shashi’s husband, Satish, always mocked her for her English skills and often doubted her ability to handle herself. He always oppressed her and mocked her small sweet making business. Due to his behaviour, his daughter also felt that it was fine for her to mock her own mother. But Shashi proved them all wrong with her simple efforts. Just like Shashi, Shubhra was ignored by her husband Kuldeep. Even though he was married to Shubhra, he chose to have an affair with Samaira and when the truth was finally revealed, he simply stated that he has fallen out of love with Shubhra. Despite their personal problems, these ladies were able to find their own destiny without their husband’s support.

Satish and Kuldeep
Source: Pinterest and ZEE5

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Another aspect that makes Shubhra and Shashi’s journey towards freedom similar is that they have very supportive and loving mothers-in-law. Both the ladies were able to achieve their dreams with the help of their mothers-in-law who in every step stood strong by them and went against their own sons to support them.

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