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Krishnakoli: How Nikhil is being an absolutely efficient dad to a newly-adult Munni and her tantrums

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December 9, 2020

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Krishnakoli’s Nikhil is one of the most understanding, loving and protective father to Munni – here is why we think so!

The popular television show Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in lead roles. The episodes after the 18-year leap introduced a new character, Munni, on the show. Munni, who is the daughter of Ashok and Disha, has grown up calling Nikhil her Papa knowing that her own parents were dead. Despite turning into a dull and distracted person ever since Shyama left him, Nikhil has been the best possible hands-on father to Munni.

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Although Nikhil has not had the privilege of being the father to his own daughter Krishna, he has not lacked one bit at his fatherhood with the young-adult Munni. Earlier, when Munni came to him with her complains against her grandparents, Nikhil was quick to pacify her. Munni complained that they interfered in all her matters and never gave her any privacy or freedom to deal with things herself. Nikhil responded to this by explaining to her why her grandparents act like that in the first place.

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Instead of misunderstanding her words or feelings, Nikhil helped her calm down with valid reasoning. He explained to her that it was their immense concern and care to ensure her safety and happiness that made them intervene in her matters.

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Recently when Munni felt jealous of Krishna, she attempted to plot against her but got caught eventually. Later when Nikhil went to her room with her uneaten meal, she tried to win him back by apologising to him. He tried to make her realise why she should not be jealous. Nikhil explained to Munni that he was always around her and got her everything that she wanted, before having to even ask.

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While on the other hand, he added, Krishna has to work hard for herself as she has never had a father around and her mother suffers from some mental health issues. Given the circumstances, he concludes, Munni has always been luckier and should not feel jealous of Krishna.

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Another time when Munni insisted that she is capable of going to her friend’s place on her own, Nikhil, being a protective father figure, asked her not to be stubborn. He asked her to take the family’s car as it’s risky for her to go alone. Nikhil’s protective fatherly instinct was quick to show up at the time of need but only with a loving approach towards the young-adult teenager.

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