Krishnakoli 28 August 2021 Spoiler: A plan to go to Varanasi

Krishna and the others plan to go to Varanasi to attend a reputed music competition.


September 1, 2021


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In the previous episode, we saw that Shiba gives all his hard-earned money to Munni and Krishna as a ‘rakhi’ gift. Munni says she will keep it with her till he becomes a successful football player. She tells him that after he attains success, he can buy something for her and Krishna with the money. Sujata blesses him for his largehearted act and prays for his success.

Shinjini objects to sitting at the same table and eating with Shiba because of his criminal background. She asks everyone how they can trust Shiba when even blood relations cannot be trusted. Munni tells her that Shiba is her brother just like Dodo, and Shyama tells her she and the others trust him more than their relatives. Shinjini then leaves without eating.

Before leaving, Shyama tells Shinjini that she cannot stay in the same room as Dodo while she is in their house and Shinjini gets upset. Shyama promises Dodo she will soon get him married to Shinjini.

Later, Dodo pacifies Shinjini and she agrees to marry Dodo. Shyama and Papiya get happy.

In the latest episode, we see that Munni asks Aniruddha where he, Krishna and the others are planning to go as she overhears him booking tickets on his cell phone. Krishna reminds her of the singing competition she must attend in Varanasi. Shyama says she has an idea and asks Dodo and Munni to come along and says they can have fun if they all go together.

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