Kahe Diya Pardes Actors Rishi Saxena And Sayali Sanjeev To Reunite?

The actor is all set to reunite with his co-star from Kahe Diya Pardes Sayali Sanjeev in an upcoming music video titled Lajira.

Kedar Koli

April 18, 2020


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Zee Marathi‘s Kahe Diya Pardes was a popular romantic drama revolving around the story of a couple who tries to break free from cultural barriers. The show was based on the life of a Maharashtrian girl Gauri who falls in love with a North Indian boy next door, named Shiv. This unusual story managed to entertain the audiences for over two years with an engaging narrative. Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena, the actors who played Gauri and Shiv respectively, became a household name during the show’s successful run. They shot to fame owing to their stunning performances in the show. Rishi is also popular for dating actress Isha Keskar from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko.

Watch the first episode of Kahe Diya Pardes here.


The actors recently announced a piece of good news for the fans of Kahe Diya Pardes. Our beloved Shiv and Gauri are all set to reunite for a music video titled Lajira. Rishi and Sayali recently shared the teaser of their new project together. The post runs with the caption, “let the love fly!” and we can see impeccable chemistry between the two actors. Just looking at them would make you think that love is in the air! Fans can’t contain their excitement to see their favourite on-screen uniting once again.

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"तिच्या मनानं त्याच्या दिलावर जणू इश्कच केलाय! त्यांच्या प्रेमाने त्यांचा जीव कसा बघ, लाजीरा झालाय" -अनुभव एक कथा पुन्हा नाही घडू शकत पण जोडी? हां ती नक्कीच पुन्हा भेटू शकते…शिव गौरीची एक गोष्ट होती! आता एक गाणं चालेल? होऊ दे थोडा जीव लाजीरा?? So…Let the love fly…Let the story begin but to start that we should switch it on first! *Let's switch on the red bulb music; Feel the love!* • • • #lajira #comingsoon #rishisaxena #sayalisanjeev #staytuned #stayhome #staysafe

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Check out the teaser of Lajira featuring Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena here.

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का कळे ना, हा जीव बावरा! कधी…कसा… कुठे…केव्हा जीव झाला रं ह्यो लाजीरा! – अनुभव The journey towards love is set off and here is a quick invitation to you all. Redbulb studios & Redbulb music with Digitechno Enterprise & filmy owl studios is all happy to share teaser of our first song "लाजीरा". Let's go on a journey where love is in the air and the hearts get together. All be dark and just the the red bulb On "let's switch on the red bulb music; Feel the love!" #laajeera #Lovemusic #Lovesong #Redbulbmusic #switchonfeelthelove #Lovebeats #Loveisintheair #Romance #Romanticsong #famouscouple #Lingeringtune #Repeatmodeon #Redbulbstudios #Beginning #posterrelease #Love #Music #Staytuned #लाजीरा #lajira #musicvideo #newsong #comingsoon #stayhomestaysafe #rishisaxena #sayalisanjeev

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