Holi 2021: A Look At How Karan-Preeta Celebrated This Festival Of Colours So Far In Kundali Bhagya

This Holi, let’s rewind the time and have a look at Karan and Preeta’s best Holi moments together on Kundali Bhagya.

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March 23, 2021



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Kundali Bhagya has been ruling hearts for almost four years since its premiere on TV and all the credit goes to Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya’s on-screen chemistry as Karan Luthra and Preeta Arora. Their story began when Preeta was hit by Karan’s car and they started disliking each other. Preeta began to work as Dadi’s physiotherapist and always seemed to lock horns with Karan each time they crossed paths. But since everyone in the house loved Preeta, Karan had no choice but to get used to her and ‘tolerate’ her presence. The duo then became friends and even close friends before a misunderstanding tore them apart and they forcefully married each other. But now, their marriage has been blooming with love and trust even with Mahira’s evil eye looming over them like a shadow.

During the course of the show, there were countless functions and celebrations where Karan and Preeta interacted and also got closer together but no celebrations beat Holi! Each time they celebrated this festival of colours together, they came closer no matter what the situation was! Elaborating on the same, let’s take a look at Karan and Preet’s Holi(s) together.

Their first Holi

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On their first Holi, they became friends when they found Sherlyn suspicious and wanted to stop her from marrying Rishabh. But to keep her secret safe, Sherlyn decides to intoxicate Preeta by asking her to drink thandai.

Instead of focusing on the plan solely, Karan decides to have some fun too and is seen flirting with a girl during Holi. Preeta calls him out for that and also for his flirty behaviour. He says he can be called Krishna considering the number of girlfriends he has but he looks right into Preeta’s eyes before confessing that there’s one spot open for her, if she wants it. For a moment, Preeta is taken aback by his words before composing herself and asking him to shut up! Later in the episode, they forget their childish banter and give in to their new feelings of affection towards each other as they dance to the sweet romantic song, Tere Mere.

Watch this episode here.

Their second Holi

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During this time, the Monisha drama had unfolded where Karan was falsely accused of rape and had to convince Monisha to marry him. He was under a lot of stress but was very appreciative of Preeta for staying by his side and fighting for him. In this Holi special episode, Karan too had bhaang by mistake and he sat in his room to try and control himself. Preeta then found him struggling to remain conscious and asked him if he’s had alcohol! He then begins to mutter about his girlfriends and Preeta gets annoyed at the mention of that. Then Karan tells her that she seems to be his biggest “psycho fan” as she always comes running each time he’s in trouble.

He later grabs her dupatta and confesses to her that he didn’t want her to be in his house but then has been wanting her to stay in the Luthra house for quite some time now. He also says that he never did anything to make her leave, which he would have if he truly wanted her gone. Even in his drunken state, Karan was honest and candid but was unable to reveal his true feelings for Preeta. Later the cops show up at the Luthra house and the whole Monisha drama ensues!

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Their third Holi

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Karan and Preeta are now married, albeit forcefully. They don’t live together just yet and Preeta only visits the Luthra house for the Holi function. Meanwhile, Mahira wants to seduce a drunk Karan and tries to trap Shristi and Preeta in a room so that they don’t interfere. But this time Shrishti and Preeta retaliate and lock Mahira and Sherlyn in the storeroom instead and Preeta saves Karan from Mahira’s evil scheme. Karan calls her to his room holds her hand and eve hugs her! Once Preeta leaves and Karan is sober, he reminisces those moments and misses her presence dearly.

Watch this episode here.

Kundali Bhagya
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In the present track, Kiritka has married Prithvi and Preeta’s efforts have gone vain. But Karan has become more grateful to have Preeta when he sees the lengths she has gone to save the Luthra family. Karan and Preeta are currently enjoying their married life and the love between them is only growing. In the Holi episode, we are sure to see their cutesy romantic moments together. Of course, Mahira is plotting with a newfound vengeance and there is also Akshay and Prithvi to deal with. Things could definitely get real tough for #Preeran this Holi but we know they’ll manage just fine.

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