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His Storyy Teaser: Witness Satyadeep Misra’s Karan And His Struggles With His Sexuality

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 9, 2021

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Check out the trailer of the upcoming ZEE5 original His Storyy and how it revolves around the hurdles in the life of a homosexual man.

The life of a homosexual person in India is filled with many hurdles and turmoils. ZEE5 Original series His Storry revolves around the life of a happily married couple Sakshi (Priyamani) and Kunal (Satyadeep Misra) whose life seems to be picture perfect but Kunal has the hidden secret that will break apart this beautiful picture. The teaser of the show gives us a small insight into his story and his struggles. The series will premier exclusively on ZEE5 on April 25.

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The teaser of His Storyy shows that Kunal (Satyadeep Misra) has a perfect life. He is a loving husband who constantly pampers his wife, Sakshi. He is a good father as he is seen taking care of his sons Shivaay and Shlok. He is a great friend as well who is the life of the party and loves to hang around with his friends. When it comes to his business, Kunal and Sakshi (Priyamani)have built a great restaurant with Sakshi being the Chef and Kunal looking after the financial aspects.

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Everything seems fine, but it is all ruined by one hidden secret that Kunal has kept from all his family and friends. He is a gay man who leads two lives. One which seems perfect from everyone’s point of view but it is flawed for him and the other where he can freely express his sexuality with his partner Preet (Mrinal Dutt). The moments between Kunal and Preet are hidden, away from the eyes of the world unlike his moments with Sakshi.


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In the teaser, we see that everything seems to crumble down in his life once Kunal’s secret is out in front of the world. Sakshi can be heard saying that the main element in a marriage is trust and if it goes missing then the entire institution is useless. Everyone around him seems to be upset because of his sexual orientation. One of his friends even goes on to say that homosexual people like Kunal spoil the whole society. Kunal sums up his position and says, “This is who I am. Fighting with my innermost truth.”

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Will he be able to make amends with Sakshi and his children or will he lose his happy family forever? Will Kunal be able to fight society and stay true to himself? Or will he crumble under the expectations and pressures of the world and take refuge in hiding his true identity? Watch His Storyy unfold on April 25.

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