His Storyy: 8 Best Scenes That Captured The Dilemmas Of Different Characters In This LGBT Drama

Satyadeep Misra and Priyamani starrer His Storyy has a sensitive take on homophobia. Here are some of the well-crafted scenes from the show that set the tone right!

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April 28, 2021


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The era of binge-watching TV shows has somehow made us overlook the artistic side of a story. As Chaitanya Tamhane very aptly says, “We don’t look at cinema as an art form but as fast food.” There’s a plethora of web shows that we consume every day and the next moment we’re planning on another binge-watching session. However, some shows leave a lasting impression on our minds with their sensitive and subtle approach towards storytelling. And ZEE5’s latest release His Storyy manages to pull off that magic.

The show has an interesting take on societal homophobia. Though there have been many inspiring stories about homosexuality, His Storyy is the first of its kind to deal with it quite sensitively. The show never chooses to be preachy and quite beautifully portrays the stories of characters dealing with homophobia.

His Storyy follows the story of a happily married couple Kunal and Sakshi. Their relationship crumbles as the latter gets aware of her husband’s homosexuality. And what follows is an emotive drama very aptly doing justice to the show’s theme. The show relies mainly on its perfectly weaved story and great performances.

And it deserves to be appreciated. So, here’s taking a look at the 8 best scenes from the show that will surely make you emotional.

“My 3 Inspirations”

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The establishing sequence in His Storyy is one of the best you’ll see in recent times. While it gives you an insight into the show’s vital characters, it also prepares you for the conflict that lies ahead. In the scene, Sakshi, a renowned chef is quite excited about the opening of her new restaurant ‘Saffron’. During her welcome speech, she talks about the “three inspirations” of her life.

The first one being her husband Kunal, followed by her children Shlok and Shivaay, and the third one a food critic named Preet. And that’s one of the best scenes where the makers introduce you to the set of characters of the play.

Two-Way Conflicts!

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The next one on the list is a scene from the second episode. After introducing the characters and setting in the first episode, the makers tease you with a bit of conflict here. However, it’s the dual-layered perspective that makes this scene an interesting one. On one side we have Sakshi opening up to her friends about her lifeless marriage with Kunal.

Then there are the children who are indulged in a casual conversation while playing video games. Wherein Sakshi and Kunal’s son Shivay bullies his friend for being a “homo”. This gives us a hint at the bigger conflict that lays ahead in the picture.

Rati Gupta & The Love Affair

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Well, this scene is the odd one out of the list. This one makes up for one of the best scenes due to its surprising factor. In this scene, Sakshi gets a bit suspicious about Kunal having an extramarital affair. She follows him but loses his track midway. However, after inquiring, she finally reaches an apartment where Kunal’s PR Rati Gupta lives. Sakshi knocks at her door only to find Preet inside the house.

Getting embarrassed she leaves the apartment and thus her suspicions about Kunal are cleared. However, she had reached the right place where Kunal was spending time with Preet. Though this scene seems quite entertaining, it gives us an insight into Kunal’s double life. The ways he had used to live his “real-life” away from everyone’s gaze.

Breaking Stereotypes In A ‘Poetic’ Style

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The poetry night scene comes at a very crucial point in the story. While Shivaay seems to be not getting over his prejudice of homosexuals, the other children plan a poetry night to teach him a lesson. During which, Shivi’s girlfriend Jhanvi sarcastically takes upon his orthodox mindset. And that’s one of the most interesting moments from the show.

Also, it is during the poetry night that Sakshi sees Kunal and Preet sharing an intimate moment. When a heartbroken Sakshi returns near the stage, Ved is seen reciting a poem on “Love is Love”. The makers treat us with their message in a poetic way.

Sakshi’s Dilemma “To Spice Things Up”

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In many shows/movies about homosexuality, the other characters closely related to the protagonist are either seen helping or restricting. However, the makers usually forget the moment where these other characters deal with this reality. In His Storyy, when Sakshi gets aware of Kunal’s affair with Preet, she’s seen in a dilemma. 

And this unexpectedly leads her to find a cure for the “problem”. In one such unexpected moment, she suggests Kunal some sexual fantasies to spice things up in their romantic life. This is quite a notable scene where the character’s dilemma leads the act.

Not An Open-Minded!

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Sakshi’s dilemma continues as she tries to save her falling relationship with Kunal. In one such scene, she opens up to her best friend Rafia about Kunal’s affair. Based on her conversation with Kunal, she realizes that Kunal has been living the lie right from their marriage. Yet, she fails to understand the core of it and eventually ends up kissing Rafia. After which she breaks down and says, “I didn’t feel anything”.

And this scene seems to be one of the boldest ones of recent times with realism in it. Also, she talks about how she had supported homosexuals by participating in the LGBTQ parade. And now that her husband is one of them she “does not feel like an open-minded person”.  That’s quite an interesting aspect of the show.

The Family Confrontation

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When Kunal and Sakshi’s eldest son Shivaay gets aware of the truth, he decides to leave the house. While Shivi leaves the home in anger, Kunal finds him sitting near a lake. And that’s quite an emotional scene between the father-son duo as Kunal talks about the “truth” of his life. On the other side, Sakshi reveals it all to their younger one Shlok who quite readily understands the situation.

While Shlok accepts the reality, Shivi continues to be driven by his beliefs. And this pre-climax moment makes up for another emotive scene.

The Cupid & Unexpected Climax!

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Nearing the climax, things change for good in Kunal and Sakshi’s life. While the duo decides to take a divorce, both Kunal and Preet initiate a new beginning in their lives. The show takes a leap of seven months where the final procedure of the divorce is completed. And Sakshi decides to throw an engagement party for Kunal and Preet. She unexpectedly becomes a sweet cupid of their norm-breaking love story.

Also, the climax scene leaves us surprised when Preet decides to back off from his relationship with Kunal. Well, with that the makers left us on a mysterious note.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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