Here’s How The ZEE5 Films Commando And Paltan Depicted Both Fronts Of The Indo-China War

While India and China are in a stand-off along the border, there is also a covert war being found in the corridors of power. These films depict both sides of the battle.

Kenneth Carneiro

July 30, 2020


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The India-China border has been an area of hot debate ever since news of the Galwan valley attack when almost 20 soldiers lost their lives in a brawl where not a single bullet was fired. The battle is worsening as news of a Ladakh clash now puts Himachal Pradesh in danger too.

Meanwhile, another battle is being found by politicians and people in over across both countries to gain the upper hand in this tussle. The Indian government is trying to use international pressure to get the Chinese Army to retreat with its forces. In the meantime to protect the data of Indian citizens being misused, the government has also banned more than 50 Chinese apps in India.

Here are two films that show what the war on the border and this covert war look like:

The 2013 film, Commando – A One Man Army, starring Vidyut Jammwal was the first of the Commando action-thriller franchise. In this film, Vidyut Jammwal plays the role of a commando who is caught in enemy territory after a training drill goes wrong. The Chinese officials are not ready to accept the fact that the person they captured is not a spy. He is tortured for information for about a year before he finds an opportunity and escapes.

While this film goes to take a romantic turn it is interesting to see the level of distrust between both the countries depicted in this film from seven years ago.

Watch the trailer for Commando here.

Paltan (2018) marked the return of JP Dutta, the foremost Indian war filmmaker. This film focused on the 1967 clashes at Nathu La and Cho La between the Indian and Chinese military. This film highlights the lives of soldiers and the difficulties they face while at some of the highest battlefields in the world.

This film also shows the tactics that the Chinese military use to draw Indians into battle including cheap scare tactics and how the Indian army previously dealt with them.

Watch other films from the Commando series streaming only on ZEE5.

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