Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 2 November 2020: Mani is attacked

Everyone gathers to witness the dual wedding of Guddan-Mani and Agastya-Nia, however, with sudden a twist of fate confusion arrives.

Mamta Raut

November 1, 2020


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In the latest episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, everyone assembles at the Mandap to witness the dual wedding of Guddan-Mani and Agastya-Nia. Upon their arrival, when Durga asks about Mani, he makes an entry donning the same Sherwani as Agastya. The Tilak ritual begins following Arushi completing it by placing Neem stick on the shoulder of both the grooms. Agastya and Mani then sit on their respective places at the Mandap and wait for their brides. Surprisingly, both Guddan and Nia also wear the same Lehenga which isn’t liked by Pushpa Birla. Angrily she begins to taunt Guddan when Durga intervenes and gives it back to her.

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As the brides take their place, Pushpa notices Guddan and Agastya’s reflection in the water and scolds Panditji for not being attentive. Nia and Choti Guddan then switch places. Later, an anonymous person mixes something sedative in the sweets which are used in the wedding ritual. Upon eating the sweet, Nia feels giddy and Durga suggests her to rest for a while. Panditji adds that there is enough time for Muhurat. Upon hearing that, Pushpa asks Agastya to take Nia in her room. Meanwhile, notorious Mani tells Guddan that he will be back soon. Away from everyone’s sight, Mani drinks alcohol to celebrate his wedding day.

In the room, Nia suggests Agastya return to the Mandap assuring she will freshen up and return soon. On the other hand, when Mani begins to walk towards the Mandap, someone attacks him from behind striking a stick on his head. At the Mandap, Mani’s mother is in haste to complete her son’s wedding and opines that they will start the wedding ritual of Guddan, as soon as he returns. Agastya walks in the corridor as he gets a call on his phone. The wedding rituals begin for Guddan when a groom arrives, everyone thinks it is Mani. Later, Pushpa scolds Agastya’s daughter who leaves from the scene crying and reaches the storeroom. There, she notices someone unconscious and tries to scream but someone sedates her too. In the meantime, Guddan’s marriage is completed and no one even gets a single hint about who is behind the Sehra.

Image Source: ZEE5

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