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Gattimela 26 May 2022 Written Update: Amulya decides to get Aarati away from Suhasini

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May 27, 2022

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On realising how Suhasini is influencing Aarati and trying to create a rift between them, Amulya decides to find a way to get Aarati away from Suhasini.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarati berates Amulya for not parking the car correctly and thus trying to harm her. Kanta helps Adithi sneak into Dhruva’s house. Adithi then hides from Vaidehi.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Kanta cooks up a story when Vaidhei questions him about how he entered the house when the front door was locked. When Vaidehi talks about going to Dhruva’s room, Kanta asks her to make coffee and breakfast for him. When Adithi sneaks into Dhruva’s room, Kanta wonders why Adithi wanted to meet Dhruva when no one else is home. Adithi feeds Dhruva the sweet dish prepared by her and talks about the first time she had proposed to him and tells him that they should tell their family about their relationship once he recovers.

Elsewhere, Vikrant reaches Amulya’s location and she tells him about the incident that took place and about Aarati’s suspicions. Vikrant tells Amulya his suspicions about Suhasini having devised a new plan and asks her to be more cautious in the future. On seeing Aarati and Suhasini return from the temple, Kanta rushes to Dhruva’s room and informs her about it. A piece of Adithi’s clothing remains in Dhruva’s hand when she rushes out of his room.

Vikrant and Vedanth rush home on learning about Aarati’s almost accident. They are further shocked when Aarati accuses Amulya of being jealous of her pregnancy and trying to harm her unborn child. Amulya urges Aarati to not get provoked by what others tell her and to use her commonsense and not let their relationship get spoiled. Aarati tells how since Amulya came to Vedanth’s house his family has been facing a lot of trouble. Vikrant watches as Suhasini enjoys the pain on Amulya’s face. Later, Vedanth comforts Amulya and asks her to handle Aarati maturely and not get hurt by her harsh words. Later, Amulya decides to get Aarati away from Suhasini.

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