Exclusive: Surya and Chaitu dress up as Radha and Krishna for Suryakantham’s Krishnashtami special!

Surya and Chaitu’s celebration of Krishnashtami in Suryakantham is very exciting. Take a look!

Sneha Bale

August 11, 2020


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Amongst the few shows that made its way to Zee Telugu last year was Suryakantham. A remake of the Tamil show by the same name, Suryakantham revolves around Surya, a tomboy who runs a garage for a living. Complementing her is Chaitanya, or Chaitu as he is better known, who cannot live without any of his privileges. The two oddballs become friends and eventually, Surya falls in love with him. However, Chaitu believes that Surya is only his friend. The universe aligns stars in a way where he ends up marrying Surya, despite his lack of affection for her.

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Since the day of their wedding, Surya has been trying to find a middle ground for happiness. But Chaitu refuses to overcome his disappointment. Soon, the family will be ready to celebrate together, for the very first time with Surya. It is Krishnashtami and we’re surprised to see how the tables have turned between the two oddballs.

Chaitu dresses up as Krishna and enjoys his dose of attention with some added love.

Chaitu in Suryakantham
Chaitu in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

Following the setup, even Surya dresses up as Radha, to accompany her dear husband. But how does Chaitu feel about it?

Surya in Suryakantham
Surya in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

We cannot forget Chaitu’s three evil sisters who are always ready to brainwash him and keep him away from Surya. It is no different this time either.

Chaitu with his sisters in Suryakantham
Chaitu with his sisters in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

But again, we also have Surya’s trusted Annayas to support her. They will also be there to keep an eye on Chaitu and his constantly wavering mind.

Chaitu with his brothers in law in Suryakantham
Chaitu with his brothers-in-law in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

Here’s the good news we all have been waiting for! Surya and Chaitu get their picture-perfect moment. Doesn’t this make your heart feel complete?

Surya and Chaitu in Suryakantham
Surya and Chaitu in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

With the blessings of Lord Krishna, will Chaitu and Surya truly begin their journey as a married couple? What do you think?

Surya and Chaitu in Suryakantham
Surya and Chaitu in Suryakantham (Source: ZEE5)

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