Did you know about Amar Artanad Actor Arpita Chatterjee’s second passion?

This amazing actor had a second talent hidden all this while! Find out more.


November 22, 2020


2 min


Veteran actor Arpita Chatterjee, who has starred in a slew of films including Force and Amar Artanad, recently revealed something else she is talented at other than acting!  Arpita is an extremely talented singer, and she performed in front of an audience of thousands recently. She says that singing has been a passion since childhood, and finally getting to do it for so many fills her with immense joy and gratitude, which in itself is priceless. She appreciates the love that she has received, and hopes to continue to sing as well as act, for a long time.

Watch the trailer of Amar Artanad here:

She has posted an album on her social media page with stills captured during her performance.

As she says, “Here are some amazing moments from yesterday’s show. I had 3 back to back shows yesterday, but it was fun, I enjoyed a lot. Thank you audience for your immense love & support. Keep showering your love. 😀”

Check out her beautiful singing in a video she has posted of the incredibly successful performance. Her voice is powerful and melodious, and she sounds like she has been a seasoned singer for a while! We couldn’t be more glad that she has decided to practice this talent so much more for us now.

Are you surprised by Arpita Chatterjee’s other great passion? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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