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Devmanus: Divya Discovers A Link Behind Murderous Events, Here’s How Ajit Can Change The Game!

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April 21, 2021

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Though this time situations are not in favour of Ajit, we believe that he might yet again use his ‘God’s messenger’ image to vanquish Divya and her stratagems.

Television helps us provide much-needed escapism from our monotonous routine. While we love to experience the world through a fictional character, many TV dramas also end up inspiring us. And that’s one of the reasons television has been and will always be a prominent source of storytelling. Also recently, we have witnessed a great surge in the popularity of thrillers and horror shows. These genres have piqued audiences’ interest with a realistic point-of-view of society. And Zee Marathi’s Devmanus belongs to the same league.

With a modern-age evil Dr. Ajit in the spotlight, the makers have kept the viewers hooked to their screens. While we are eagerly rooting for Ajit’s ‘big expose’, the recent happenings in the story have set a stage for new twists. With Myra safely getting away from Ajit’s trap, Divya is now immensely involved in finding the culprit ‘Devi Singh’. In the recent episode, we saw Divya discovering a common link between the murderous events in the village.

She has sensed the “series of love affairs” that might be the crux of mysterious happenings in the village. And this news has left Ajit worried. So, here’s taking a look at how Ajit aka Devi Singh might turn the tables yet again.

The Wedding Affair

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Mangal and Babu are very excited about Ajit and Dimple’s marriage. Earlier, upon Dimple’s insistence, Ajit readily agreed to the marriage proposal. However, he never took it quite seriously. And now that Divya has weaved a great plan to trap Devi Singh, Ajit might find himself in great trouble. So, to get away from this, marriage might be an option he would look forward to.

Also recently, Dimple warned him that Divya is taking over his ‘heroic’ image in the village. And Ajit marrying Dimple will be a great opportunity for him to revive his ‘Devmanus’ imagery. Divya who’s also head over heels in love with Ajit will find herself in an emotional dilemma. And ultimately, the investigation would go off-track.

An Emotional Drive!

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Ajit has mastered himself when it comes to emotionally entangling people. Earlier, when Manjula decided to expose Ajit’s antics, the latter shared his phony past story to garner sympathy. This led to Manjula befriending Ajit and in the end, she lost her life falling into his death trap. Yet again, Ajit might use this act to create problems for Divya. Due to safety concerns, Divya arranged a special place for Myra, away from the village.

However, by showing off his fatherly affection for Myra, Ajit can make Divya spill the truth behind her plan of hiding Myra. And this will ultimately foil Divya’s master trap to catch Devi Singh.

A Trap For Vijay

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A final yet effective option for Ajit will be using Vijay as a pawn. For those unaware, Vijay’s wife Reshma too lost her life, falling prey to Ajit’s plans. While Vijay is not aware of the truth, he’s madly looking out for his missing wife. And no one has ever seen Devi Singh or is well-versed with his looks. Ajit can use this as an opportunity to frame Vijay as Devi Singh. 

And the villagers too will blindly believe Ajit as they consider him no less than a demigod. It would be interesting to see how the drama unfolds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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