Devmanus: Ajit’s Wedding Announcement Leaves Divya Heartbroken, Things To Expect Ahead!

Ajit’s mastermind move to announce his wedding with Dimple has left Divya highly surprised. Here’s how things might take a turn either for good or for bad!

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April 30, 2021


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Thriller shows are all about cliffhanger moments that keep the audience hooked to their screens. While it is hard to keep up with the consistency of a suspense saga, some shows have pulled it off with great execution. And Zee Marathi’s Devmanus is one of those modern thrillers that has not only entertained the viewers but has kept them highly intrigued. The show follows a modern-age evil Ajit while giving us an insight into the dark underbelly of society.

Though being a relevant drama, the show also has a comic undertone. And that’s one of the reasons why Devmanus has become the best pick for the audience obsessed with thrillers. With engaging and unexpected subplots, the makers sustain the thrilling aspect of the show. Similarly, the recent happenings have got everyone guessing the drama unfolding ahead. Well, we have got you covered here.

Recently, we saw Ajit making a mastermind move. While inaugurating his new resort, he announced his wedding with Dimple. And this ultimately left Divya heartbroken. So, here’s taking a look at how the drama might unveil ahead.

Investigation Off The Rail

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As per Ajit’s plan, him rejecting Divya would turn things in his favour. And that might be a possibility. Divya, who’s on the verge of getting close to the culprit Devi Singh might create more problems for Ajit. Thus, Ajit made this mastermind move to get Divya off the investigation. While his emotional acts failed miserably, his wedding announcement might leave Divya in a dilemma.

Ultimately, the full-paced investigation would go off the rail and yet again Ajit will escape from the law. 

Myra’s Return

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Ajit’s decision of marrying Dimple has revived his ‘Devmanus’ imagery within the villagers. While the people are praising him, Divya seems to be utterly disappointed. And going by her love for Ajit, we might see Divya making some desperate moves. Earlier, she made Myra stay at her native place to concentrate on the murder investigations. However, this decision of hers made Ajit furious and he decided to break all ties.

Now, Divya might change her mind and bring back Myra. This would be good news for Ajit as he’ll yet again get a hold of Divya’s house. Also, this will ultimately foil Divya’s master plan to catch Devi Singh.

Ajit’s Plan Gone Wrong!

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Contrary to everything, we might see Divya’s fierce side yet again. Earlier, when Myra was kidnapped, Divya gave her best to free Myra from Devi Singh. And now being heartbroken, Divya might vow to catch Devi Singh who completely ruined her happy life. This might bring in more troubles for Ajit and his seemingly perfect plan would go on the wrong track.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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